The Winter Meeting in Paris

European Trotting Derbys at a glance

Standardbred Sport Horses

Hambletonian 2018

White horses

Dr. Barbara Wallner

A Very French Disconnect?

PdA 2018

Twister Bi

100 Years Trotting in Finland

How to breed a Champion II

European Trotting Derbys 2017 at a glance

Swedish Travkriterium & Oaks

"Into Lexington…"

Hambletonian Stakes 2017

The German Trotting Derby 2017

The most victorious Trotters

3 year olds in Sweden

Elitauktionen 2017 – The result

Elitauktionen 2017

Donerail is dead

Interesting matings 2017

Frozen semen from Sweden to USA

Elizabeth Caldwell of Cane Run Farm

European Trotting Derbys 2016 at a glance

Trotting in the Habsburg Monarchy 2

Lexington, Kentucky 2016

Trotting in the Habsburg Monarchy 1

Trotting Sport in Bulgaria and Romania

Confessions of a Desktop Breeder

Reflections on International Trotting

Nuncio wins the Elitloppet

Maharajah on top again

It’s a pleasure!

Stallion Champions 2015

Trotting in South Africa

Stallion Fees 2016 Sweden

Stallion Fees 2016 North America

European Trotting Derby’s at a glance

The Swedish Trotting Derby 2015

Visiting Norman G. Hall in Canada

Hambletonians for Stud Overseas


Supergill, American Winner, Pine Chip & Varenne

3 Interviews with American Breeders

Lady Smith 1926

Number of Covered Mares in Europe and Worldwide

Minnehaha – The 2nd most successful Motherline in Trotting History

World turning-point at 150.

Hambletonian 2015 – Still eligible horses

The Most Winning Trotters

Stallion Champions 2014

Medio – The most successful Motherline in Trotting History

The 2 year olds in France

Track Times in Sweden

Inbreeding or not?

Trotting in East Germany

European Trotting Derbys at a glance

Mission Brief in 1:08,7 (1:50.3)

The Swedish Derby 2014

An important work is online

The oldest Trotting Derbys in Europe

119th German Trotting Derby

The evolution of the Trotting World Record


The most successful maternal lines

Elitloppet ante portas

European blood to the US breeding

Unbelievable, those Italians ...

U.E.T. Grand Prix 2015

The Influence of French blood in the Standard Trotter on the basis of the European Trotting Derbies

Early American trotting

Stallion Champions of the world

Mack Lobell

The most winning trotters

Breeder’s road to success

European Trotting Derbies at a glance

Linebreeding on the same Maternal Line

Swedens "Elite Stallions

The best is yet to come! – Or not?

Maternal Lines

Paternal Lines

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