Prix d’Amérique 2022

Some facts about the big race in Paris-Vincennes

Face Time Bourbon, winner of the past two years, is the big absentee in the Prix d´Amérique 2022
Photo: Gerard Forni

The Starters:

1 Galius (FR, c, 2016)
Love You – Star de Villeneuve – Jag de Bellouet
Maternal Line: Larida (FR)

2 Feydeau Seven (FR, c, 2015)
Redeo Josselyn – Unamine Seven – Orlando Vici
Maternal Line: Etoile Infante (FR)

3 Rebella Matters (NO, f, 2015)
Explosive Matter – Mystical News – Super News
Maternal Line: Juliet (US)

4 Hohneck (FR, c, 2017)
Royal Dream – Caranca – Ready Cash
Maternal Line: Rosiere (by Conquerant) (FR)

5 Diable de Vauvert (FR, c, 2013)
Prince d´Espace – Pop Star – First de Retz
Maternal Line: Perce Neige (FR)

6 Gu d´Héripré (FR, c, 2016)
Coktail Jet – Vedetta d´Héripré – Orlando Vici
Maternal Line: Sans Tache (FR)

7 Chica de Joudes (FR, f, 2012)
Jag de Bellouet – Queschua Love – Love You
Maternal Line: Kentucky (US)

8 Power (SE, c, 2016)
Googoo Gaagaa – La Vici – Orlando Vici
Maternal Line: Sally Sovereign (US)

9 Etonnant (FR, c, 2017)
Timoko – Migraine – Alligator
Maternal Line: Jessy (by 
Vichnou) (FR)

10 Flamme du Goutier (FR, f, 2015)
Ready Cash – Utopie du Goutier – Kaisy Dream
Maternal Line: Lady Pierce (US)

11 Cokstile (NO, c, 2013)
Quite Easy – Joystyle – Coktail Jet
Maternal Line: Ab (US)

12 Zacon Gio (IT, c, 2015)
Ruty Grif – May Glade Font SM – Yankee Glide
Maternal Line: Mambrino Beauty (US)

13 Vitruvio (IT, c, 2014)
Adrian Chip – Tigre OM – Zebu
Maternal Line: Blanche 

14 Delia du Pommereux (FR, f, 2013)
Niky – Noune de Pommereux – Halimede
Maternal Line: Fernande (FR)

15 Vivid Wise As (IT, c, 2014)
Yankee Glide – Temple Blue Chip – Cantab Hall)
Maternal Line: Kit (by Pioneer) (US)

16 Bahia Quesnot (FR, f, 2011)
Scipion du Goutier – Queen Ines – Install
Maternal Line: 
Chrisis (FR)

17 Davidson du Pont (FR, c, 2013)
Pacha du Pont – Laguna du Pont – Pelican du Pont
Maternal Line: Sauterelle (FR)

18 Billie de Montfort (FR, f, 2011)
Jasmin de Flore – Quismy de Montfort – And Arifant
Maternal Line:
La Pilot (FR)


The high pre-favorite Face Time Bourbon was injured about a week before the big race, his trainer Sebastien Guataro then spoke of the end of the Ready Cash son's career. „FTB” has already covered the past two seasons and will certainly play an excellent role in breeding, anything else would amount to a small sensation. Thus, 6 foreign horses – three Italian, two Norwegian, this time only one Swede, and certainly not one American horse – compete against 12 French. Four of the latter are also favored in the betting odds, Etonnant, Davidson du Pont, Gu d´Héripré and Hohneck. Of the foreigners, the qualification preliminary winner Cokstile from Norway is given the best chance. 

7 of the 15 participants had already started last year. So this year's PdA is probably the one with the oldest average age of the horses in recent decades. 

Quite unusual: There is no stallion that sends more than one starter, and no maternal line is represented more than once. But you can see Orlando Vici three times as a damsire. 


May Cokstile surprise?
Photo: Gerard Forni

According to the maternal line of Galius (Nr 1) traces back to a thoroughbred mare, Larida, who was born in 1967, in the 5th generation. This is a sensation from the point of view of breeding, only in Sweden there was a similarly successful experiment with the horse Human Behavior (Spotlite Lobell – Crazy Love – Mack Lobell – Nostalgic Memory, a thoroughbred mare). Human Behavior as a gelding wasn´t able to demonstrate any ability as a stallion. 


4 victories:
Ourasi (FR)
3 victories:
Uranie (FR)
Roquepine (FR)
Bellino II
2 victories:
19 horses

Statue of four time winner Ourasi
Photo: Gerard Forni


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