"Elitauktionen" 2017 – The Result 

Maharajah with the most expensive yearling – Bold Eagle under expectations?

In our last week´s article about the forthcoming Elitauktionen we mentioned especially the first crop of Bold Eagle. One might say that the result of his yearlings have been as disappointing as his performance in the final of the Elitloppet, but it surely isn’t by selling one yearling for 530.000 Skr and one for 300.000 Skr.

It was for sure a great performance of the yearlings by Swedish national hero Maharajah, he has the most expensive horse with 800.000 Swedish crowns and another for 440.000 Skr. The price for Boycott may result in the fact that his mother, the Pine Chip mare Big Blue Kitten, already brought the outstanding trotter Yarrah Boko (winnings of over 11 million Skr. and already in duty as a stallion) and the successful sire Zola Boko.

Successful as awaited were the yearlings of Muscle Hill with prices of 600.000, 500.000 and 420.000 Crowns.

My Swedish friend Ulf Lindström’s conclusion:
Maharjah’s high prices much credited to the dams, whereas Bold Eagle's offspring had less than top dams. You may mention a structural factor that put a hold on bidding: the total number of blue-blooded yearlings at Swedish auctions is about the same every year, but now spread over 5 instead of 3 days of select auctions (Elit, Kolgjini, 2 days at Wenngarn, and one of the Kriterie sale). It's impossible to keep average prices to go up and up. Moreover, buyers are learning to wait until the yearlings have come off Summer grazing to look more like race horses, like the Lexington routine.  Also, this year's Elit sale was not attended by the regular high-bidding hockey pros, football pros, real estate owners, et co.

WP 20170526 16 41 00 Smart

French Sires at Venngarn:

Nr. 62 – Xanthis Exciting
(Bold Eagle – Mangala Dream – Donerail): 210.000 Skr

WP 20170526 17 40 01 Smart

Nr. 65 – Superiore
(Ready Cash – Misty Elettra – Lemon Dra): 240.000 Skr

H, Maharajah-Big Blue Kitten
800.000 kr

WP 20170526 16 20 28 Smart

Nr. 69 – Jano di Quattro
(Bird Parker – Nimble di Quattro – Varenne): 200.000 Skr
Fotos: Ulf Lindström

Best Regards
S, Muscle Hill-Sincerely Yours
600.000 kr

Dominic Wibb
H, Bold Eagle-Spicy Chocolate
530.000 kr

Josse Boko
S, Broadway Hall-Aretha Boko
500.000 kr

S, Muscle Hill-Inside Broline
500.000 kr

Strong Heartbeat
H, Maharajah-Jacaranda
440.000 kr

Escape Rain
S, Muscle Hill-Alexia Ås
420.000 kr

S, Ready Cash-Peignoir
420.000 kr

Be My Love
S, Zola Boko-Raring to Go
410.000 kr

Already 6 horses
with the name Bold Eagle –
4 Pacers, 2 Trotters


Down Town Girl
S, Donato Hanover-Olivia Lavec
400.000 kr

Valter Trot
H, Googoo Gaagaa-Still on Broadway
400.000 kr

Luna Brodda
S, Trixton-Luck of the Day
320.000 kr

Janne Trot
H, Muscle Massive-Dreamalittledream
360.000 kr

Västerbo Crush
H, Explosive Matter-Västerbo Crystal
360.000 kr

Eagle Merci
Bold Eagle-Valencia Ås
300.000 kr

Go Big or Go Home
H, Trixton-Mayikissyour Face
300.000 kr

The Result


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