Nuncio –
The Elitloppet Winner from another point of view

A 7.000-Dollar-bargain, now earnings of $2,9 Million!

A great performance of Nuncio and Örjan Kihlström.   Foto: Gerard Forni


The winner of the Elitloppet 2016 Nuncio has a deep background in one of the greatest places in Harness Racing ever, Hanover Shoe Farms. His sire Andover Hall (second winner in two years after Magic Tonight 2015) stands at stud over there, a mighty impact comes obviously from his maternal line with legendary names like Mimi Hanover and her sire Dean Hanover.

After our friends Dean A. Hoffman and Claes Freidenvall have written great articles about the history of Nuncio and his breeder Russell C. Williams, we want to try to add a few parameters that we believe that makes Nuncio to such an exceptional horse.


– The inbreed-factor. The nearest linebreeding is a 4x4 to Florida Pro, furthermore a 4x5 to Texas and also a 4x6x4 to Speedy Crown and a 5x6x3 on Super Bowl, two of the most influential inbreeding sires in the newer Trotting Sport.

– The motherline. It is the one of Miss Copeland, born in 1887. This maternal line leads over all trotting decades to great trotters in North America (Calumet Adam, Calumet Butler, Flirth, Triple Crown Winner Glidemaster, Madison Avenue, Major Delmar, Nibble Hanover – the only sire to have a Hambletonian and a Little Brown Jug winner –, Nuke it Linsay, Nuncio, Speedster, Speedy Rodney, The Real Lady, Titan Hanover) just as it does to all over Europe (Edward S in Austria, HR Siem in Denmark, Lord Pit, Noble Stardom in Germany, Princess Grif in Italy, Ed You, Igor Brick, Elitloppet winner Gidde Palema in Sweden). But it’s also a great line for some great pacers in the Harness Sport (Barberry Spur, Camtastic, Lost For Words, Mach Three, Peruvian Hanover, Stout, Won the West).

Pedigree Nuncio


Titan Hanover with Kenny Hamm 
From the book: Quest for Excellence, Hanover Shoe Farms, The First 75 Years, by Dean A. Hoffman

Andover Hall as sire
Lindy Lane as broodmare sire

Lord Pit

Lord Pit with Walter Heitmann

And because it just fits quite well to our topic: In Claes Freidenvall’s excellent book about the Elitloppet 1952–2015 there are also some interesting statistics about the race, e.g. sires with the most attended horses:

25 participations: Super Bowl (by Star´s Pride) – 1 winner (Napoletano)
participations: Speedy Crown (by Speedy Scot) – 2 winners (Gum Ball, Moni Maker)
participations: Bulwark (by Volomite) – 2 winners (Carné, Frances Bulwark)
participations: Nevele Pride (by Star´s Pride) – 1 winner (Pershing)
participations: Quick Pay (by Star´s Pride) – 2 winners (The Onion, Victory Tilly)
participations: Hickory Pride (by Star´s Pride) – 1 winner (Fresh Yankee)
participations: Supergill (by Super Bowl) – No winner
12 participations: Texas (by Super Bowl) – 2 winners (Copiad x2)
participations: Speedy Somolli (by Speedy Crown) No winner
participations: Rollo (by Volomite) – No winner


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