Prix d’Amérique 2020

Some facts about the big race in Paris-Vincennes

Bold Eagle, winner of 2016 and 2017. If he should win the race of 2020, he would be only the 4th horse to win the big race for three times.
Photo: Gerard Forni

The Starters:

1 Excellent (FR)
Real de Lou – Udine d’Odyssee – Ipson de Mormal
Maternal Line: Kate (by Conflagration) (US)

2 Chica de Joudes (FR)
Jag de Bellouet – Queschua Love – Love You
Maternal Line: Kentucky (US)

3 Looking Superb (NO)
Orlando Vici – Classical Pine – Silver Pine
Maternal Line: Contention (US)

4 Vivid Wise As (IT)
Yankee Glide – Temple Blue Chip – Cantab Hall)
Maternal Line: Kit (by Pioneer) (US)

Enino du Pommereux (FR)
Coktail Jet – Noune de Pommereux – Halimede
Maternal Line: Fernande (FR)

6 Delia du Pommereux (FR)
Niky – Noune de Pommereux – Halimede
Maternal Line: Fernande (FR)

7 Davidson du Pont (FR)
Pacha du Pont – Laguna du Pont – Pelican du Pont
Maternal Line: Sauterelle (FR)

8 Bahia Quesnot (FR)
Scipion du Goutier – Queen Ines – Install
Maternal Line: Chrisis (FR)

9 Face Time Bourbon (FR)
Ready Cash – Vita Bourbon – Love You
Maternal Line: Sophronia (US)

10 Milligan´s School (US)
Yankee Glide – Tori Ann – S J´s Photo
Maternal Line: Blanche (US)

11 Vitruvio (IT)
Adrian Chip – Tigre OM – Zebu
Maternal Line: 
Blanche (US)

12 Uza Josselyn (DK)
Love You – Tesa Jocelyn – Ganymede
Maternal Line: Mambrino Beauty (US)

13. Valko Jenilat (FR)
Kepler – Perle du Roc – Eclair de Vandel
Maternal Line: Mademoiselle de Valognes (FR)

14 Ringostarr Treb (IT)
Classic Photo – Farsalo Egral – Supergill
Maternal Line:
Lou Milton (US)

15 Billie de Montfort (FR)
Jasmin de Flore – Quismy de Montfort – And Arifant
Maternal Line: La Pilot (FR)

16 Belina Josselyn (FR)
(Love You – Lezira Josselyn – Workaholic)
Maternal line: 
Mambrino Beauty (US)

17 Propulsion (US)
(Muscle Hill – Danae – Andover Hall)
Maternal line: Nelly (Mambrino Sterley) (US)

18 Bold Eagle (FR)
(Ready Cash – Reethi Rah Jet – Love You)
Maternal line: Reveuse (FR)


Two Maternal Lines are double present in the race, Fernande (Enino du Pommereux and Delia du Pommereux) from France and Mambrino Beauty (Uza Josselyn and Belina Josselyn) from the USA.

Three Stallions send more than one horse, Yankee Glide (Vivid Wise As and Milligan´s School) from the USA and Love You (Uza Josselyn and Belina Josselyn) and Ready Cash (Face Time Bourbon and Bold Eagle) from France.

Interesting and not usual: Enino du Pommereux and Delia Pommereux are half siblings, both from the great producing French mare Noune de Pommereux.



Statue of four time winner Ourasi
Photo: Gerard Forni

4 victories:
Ourasi (FR)

3 victories:
Uranie (FR)
Roquepine (FR)
Bellino II

2 victories:
17 horses



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