Why 1985?

The author of these lines received old copies of the legendary magazine The Horseman and Fair World from a nice colleague, including some Christmas Holiday Issues. To celebrate a (half) round anniversary, we looked at the issue of the year 1985 and tried to shed light on the influence of the horses mentioned on the whole Trotting World. Have fun!

The Big Bad Boy of Trotting, then 20 years old.
The Horseman and Fair World, 1985

Hambletonian – Happy Medium – Pilot Medium - Peter The Great – Peter Volo – Volomite – Worthy Pride – Star´s Pride --- >                        

Nevele Pride (1965 – 1993)
                      – Barbeque (stationed in Finland)
                      – Bonefish (stationed in the USA) – Mickey Viking – Viking´s Way – Indy de Vive (all stationed in France) – Ready Cash --- >
                                         – Bird Parker
                                         – Bold Eagle
                                         – Brillantissime
                                         – Cash Gamble
                                         – Charly du Noyer
                                         – Djali Boko
                                         – Django Riff
                                         – Eridan
                                         – Face Time Bourbon
                                         – Feeling Cash
                                         – Gotland
                                         – Readly Express
                                         – Reckless
                                         – Traders


The grave of Nevele Pride at Hunterton Farm, former
Stoner Creek Farm.

Photo: Nikolaus Matzka

                    Cheetah (stationed in Germany) 
                      – Express Pride (stationed in Finland)    
                      – Flying Irishman (stationed in Sweden)      
                      – Impish Pride (stationed in Germany)  
                      – Incredible Nevele – Incredible Crafts (stationed in The Netherlands)    
                      – Invit Broline (stationed in Germany)    
                      – Kimberland (stationed in France) – Ulf d´Ombree
                                                                              – Voici du Niel
                      – Madison Avenue – Meadow Road – Primrose Lane – Kadabra (stationed in Kanada)
                   Nevele Diamond (stationed in the USA)
                   Nevele Impulse (stationed in the USA and The Netherlands)
                      – Pershing (stationed in Sweden)
                      – Snack Bar (stationed in Sweden)
                      – Zoot Suit (stationed in Sweden) – From Above (stationed in Sweden)

Nevele Pride was also the broodmare sire of horses like Abundance, Charmy Skeeter, Deliberate Speed, Diamond Exchange, Duenna, Go Get Lost, Gum Ball, Hot Tub, Meadow Prophet, Nilema Pearl, Nuclear Kosmos, Park Avenue Kathy, Rite On Line, Royal Prestige, Somollison, Super Speedy, as well as the Pacer French Chef.

More prominent stallions, advertised in 1985.

Bild 047

Baltic Speed, shown in 2007 at Orsi Mangelli with his goat friend. He was fenced in because he got a little angry in his old days.
He died two years later
at the age of 28.

Photo: Nikolaus Matzka

We have already reported in detail on the influence of Bonefish above in the facts about Nevele Pride.

Baltic Speed (offspring) is another very interesting example. He certainly made himself immortal, especially as the father of Valley Victory, who undoubtedly revolutionized trotting in the 1990s and whose line has dominated North American trotting to this day. And of course he was the father of Peace Corps, one of the best trotting mares of all time. Apart from that, Baltic Speed could be described as an average sire, but that almost borders on slander. Baltic Speed was later sold to Italy (see picture on the right).

Chiola Hanover, another interesting stallion. His American descendants are manageable, but after moving to New Zealand, he became a star there.

Crowning Point, possibly an underestimated stallion and damsire. He was exported to Italy in 1994, but left his mark also especially in Germany.

Express Ride, seen at the bottom of the page, was a great son of Super Bowl with an inimitable gait. World record trotter as an older horse, he only made a fine career as a stallion and broodmare sire in his later years, after he was exported to Finland and then left his mark there, as well as in Sweden and Holland.

Incredible Nevele seems negligible as a stallion, but should be mentioned as broodmare sire. He was the broodmare sire of Hambletonian winner Scarlet Knight (earning appr. USD 2 million), Magician (USD 3.5 million) and Incredible Abe (USD 700,000). But he was also the sire of Incredible DJ, who caused a sensation in Europe as an older horse.

Manero Hanover? Completely uninteresting as a stallion (his full brother Count´s Pride, on the other hand, sired with great success in Sweden). Here it seems rather important to us that at that time the mother line – in this case the best in the world, that of Medio – was sometimes shown in deck advertisements. The author of these lines misses this very much with all the Black Type Pedigrees of today. The mother line seems to him more important than the mare's success as a racehorse. (Of course you can discuss that. It depends a lot on whether you breed for your own interests or for sales.)

Good old Speedy Scot, then 25 years old. Speedy Scot can somehow be compared to Baltic Speed. He was certainly not an outstanding stallion, but he produced Speedy Crown, which was to become the Non Plus Ultra of the stallions. And he fathered Arnie Almahurst, father of Arndon, this father of Pine Chip, whose line in Sweden will be continued by Scarlet Knight. Arnie Almahurst also brought the Stakes star Florida Pro, whose branch, however, appears to have been wiped out.
Speedy Scot never left America and lived on Castleton Farm in Kentucky. The farm was bought in 2001 by Irish businessman Tony Ryan, founder of Ryanair, now the second largest airline in Europe after Lufthansa.

Finally, a few statistics from 1985. On the bottom page you can see the dominance of Speedy Crown and Super Bowl.

What else happened in 1985?

The Prix d’Amérique in Paris-Vincennes/ France was won by:
Lutin d’isigny (FR)
(Firstly – Dame d´Isigny – Queronville L B)

The Elitloppet in Stockholm-Solvalla/ Sweden was won by:
Meadow Road (SE)
(Madison Avenue – Francessa – Frances Nibs)

The Hambletonian in East Rutherford/ NJ/ USA was won by:
Prakas (US)
(Speedy Crown – Prudy Hanover – Star´s Pride)

We will continue this historical series.


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