Coverings in Sweden 2021

4 sires with the maximum of 150 mares: Maharajah, Nuncio, Readly Express & Who´s Who

Power (1) winning the Grand Prix de l´UET at Paris-Vincennes with Robert Bergh in 2020.   Foto: Gerard Forni

For the second year, we are moving our range of coverages in Sweden from our German language website to the international website in order to make this groundbreaking topic for Europe accessible to a wider readership.

You can find the results of the last years here (if needed, we recommend Google Translate):

In the 2020 season there were three stallions (Googoo Gaagaa, Maharajah and Readly Express) covering the maximum of 150 mares, this year there are four, with Maharajah and Readly Express maintaining their top status.

The stallions with the most coverings in Sweden 2021:

150 mares: Maharajah (Viking Kronos – Chili Khan – Giant Chill) – 90% US blood : 10% French blood
150 mares: Nuncio (Andover Hall – Nicole Isabelle – Lindy Lane) – 100% US blood
150 mares: Readly Express (Ready Cash – Caddie Dream – Viking Kronos) – 73% US blood : 27% French blood
150 Stuten: Who´s Who (Maharajah – Reality Pride – From Above) – 83% US blood : 17% French blood
149 mares: Googoo Gaagaa (Cam´s Rocket – Kora´s Trotter – Veeba Rova) – 100% US blood
137 mares: Power (Googoo Gaagaa – La Vici – Orlando Vici) – 86% US blood : 14% French blood
123 mares: Mosaique Face (Classic Photo – Iona Lb – Supergill) – 100% US blood
114 mares: S J's Caviar (S J's Photo – Spawning – T.V. Yankee) – 100% US blood
102 mares: Donato Hanover (Andover Hall – D Train – Donerail) – 100% US blood

Of the stallions not stationed in sweden, Orlando Vici (Quadrophenio – Irlande du Nord – Workaholic/ 67 coverings) and Trixton (Muscle Hill – Emilie Cas El – Garland Lobell/ 60) were the most frequented. 

Coverings in Sweden 2021 – The complete List

Incidentally cought our eye:

– Some readers will miss the coverage figures of French Super Sire Ready Cash (Indy de Vive – Kidea – Extreme Dream) or his son Face Time Bourbon (Ready Cash – Vita Bourbon – Love You), these are not given in the official list. The reason for this is probably the increasing number of Swedish mares stationed in France year after year, which is apparently not that easy to determine.

– The Pacer topic again: Half Pacer Googoo Gaagaa covered nearly the maximum of mares again, his son Power got 137 mares. The Pacer Hayden Hanover, like Googoo Gaagaa and Power descending from one of the best maternal Trotting lines, got 76 mares. Btw: Captain Corey, another son of Googoo Gaagaa, winning the Hambletonian, will breed in the US at Hanover Shoe Farms in 2022 for 8.500 USD. 

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