Number of Covered Mares in Europe and Worldwide

An interesting Statistic from the Swedish Trotting Magazine TRAVRONDEN

Fohlengeburten 2014

Country by Country, translated:
The Netherlands
Czech Republik

Ad Europe: In Slovenia 55 foals arrived in 2014 to the world. Particularly severe declines compared to 2000 suffered especially Germany and Italy, as well as virtually all other nations – except France – suffer from often severe declines.

We found out a few more international numbers, while not reflect the entire rest of the world, however, but the relevant "Harness" -Nations:

Statistics USA & Canada
Thanks to T.C. Lane, USTA

In the United States (including Canada) the bloodletting is probably the most violent. As can be seen in the above table, the occultations fell within 12 years by more than half, which North America has lost the relevant global supremacy to France; Unfortunately, there is no separation between trotters and pacers.

Statistics Australia
Thanks to John Peck of
Harness Racing International Magazine

– Great detailed lists we were also sent by our friend in Australia, John Peck. On this you can see that the Harness Sport in "Australasia" remains a high priority has (again, we are talking of trotters and pacers together). Above and below the individual statistics, Australia (nearly 6,000 coverages) and New Zealand (already the coverages of 2015, there were approximately 2,700) summarized, one can speak of a total of 8,700. Imposing and no. 3 worldwide!

Statistics New Zealand
Thanks to John Peck of
Harness Racing International Magazine

Speaking about the world: therefore we are talking instantly of an approximate number of about 47,000 coverings. What could be a scenario of the future in 10 to 15 years? Our Swedish colleague Professor Ulf Lindström could imagine the following:
1. General decline in similar patterns, approximately 10 to 20% less than 2015 foals
2. Geographical concentration
France remains at the top and is even more dominant, represents 65 to 70% of all trotting foals in Europe
France and Sweden provide approximately 90% of all European Foals
3. New Markets for transatlantic business, for example, Sweden breeds more foals for the North American market as already (restriction: France will still not be successful in North America, because the blood is not liked there; Oceania seems too far away to be a factor in any European Considerations.)


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