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The K&K Trotting Stud Book

Recently went online a major data collection concerning the trotting history. Our Slovakian friend and colleague Gabriel Petrík, alongside with his work as an IT specialist in Bratislava, passionately interested in the history of the harness racing (we will soon publish a report from a trip related to the history of the harness racing sport from its beginnings to the end of the K & K monarchy, that Petrík and his Austrian colleague Nikolaus Matzka have taken in Hungary and Slovakia), also cooperating with Czech trotting society (Ceklus) and the galopp racecourse in Bratislava (the trotting races in Slovakia are unfortunately practically not existing anymore).

The so-called "Trotting Studbook," which Gabriel Petrík put online in the beginning of the August, contains a database with horses from the first volume of the "Austrian-Hungarian Trotting Studbook" published in 1897. The website offers the possibility of a search by name or by a year of the birth or with an alphabetical list of the horses. There are also included some trotters from the next three volumes of the studbooks in the database, but the data is not complete yet. Then, you can click on a horse name to review the pedigree of the trotters. It must be said that it was not just a simple copy work, but there was also some research regarding the pedigrees and the relations between the ancestors - this makes this work an unique thing in the worldwide scale.

In addition to a German version, an English, a Slovak and a Hungarian version is available. Enjoy!

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