Supergill 30, American Winner & Pine Chip 25, Varenne 20

4 outstanding Racehorses, respectively extremely influential Sires with special birthdays

Supergill 1995 08 1

Supergill at his Italian Home Stud Allevamenti Toniatti in 1995
Foto: Nikolaus Matzka

Supergill 1995 08 2

Supergill at his Italian Home Stud Allevamenti Toniatti in 1995
Foto: Nikolaus Matzka

Pine Chip (l.) beating American Winner in the Kentucky Futurity
of 1993

Pine Chip

Pine Chip at The Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky with John Campbell shortly before his last Start in the Breeder’s Crown 1994.

Supergill, with 500.000 USD the most expensive Yearling of all times in 1986, recently celebrated his 30th Birthday in Italy and is happy and very alive. Supergill is US-bred.

American Winner, Hambletonian- and Yonkers Trot-Winner of 1993, and Pine Chip, his Hambo-Runner Up, Winner of the Kentucky Futurity and World-Record-Holder, recently celebrated their 25th Birthday. Both are US-bred.

Varenne, most winning Trotter of all times with earnings of over 6 Millions EUR, twice Winner of the Prix d’Amerique and Elitloppet, Winner of virtually all big Races in Europe and also conquering US-Races, recently celebrated his 20th Birthday. Varenne is Italian bred.

We don’t want to review their Racing Careers at this page, but take a look on their Breeding Legacy so far.

Pine Chip Broline

Pine Chip’s Advertisement 2015

Supergill, American Winner and Pine Chip are 100% pure US-Standardbred blooded. Varenne has an Influence of about 5% French Blood because his Broodmare Sire Zebu is by Italian Giant Stallion Sharif di Iesolo, who’s Maternal Line shows a little French Blood. 95% of Varenne shows of course US-Standardbred Blood.

Pedigree Supergill

The great 4 Stallions and their Paternal and Maternal Lines: Supergill and American Winner come from the Volomite-Line, continuative Star’s Pride and Super Bowl. Pine Chip comes from the Scotland-Line, continuative Arnie Almahurst, building his own spray. Varenne also comes from Scotland, then leading to the Speedy-Crown/Speedy-Somolli-Line.

Supergill is out of the Maternal Line of Molly Armstrong (*188?), American Winner is out of the Medio (*1887)-Maternal Line, Pine Chip out of the one of Midnight (*1865), Varenne out of Abbess (*1869), all 4 Lines purely US-Standardbred. Those Lines are also well known under the names of their descendants like Miss Cutting 2nd/Lady Ann Reed (Molly Armstrong), Miss Bertha Dillon/Miss Bertha Hanover (Medio), Morning Bells/Emily Ellen (Midnight) or Evensong (Abbess). Fact is also, that 3 of the 4 Maternal Lines have been situated at Hanover Shoe Farms in Pennsylvania: Lastly American Winner’s 2nd Dam Matina Hanover (*1969), also the Dam of Mack Lobell, Pine Chip’s 2nd Dam Piney Hanover (*1969), and Varenne’s 3rd Dam Spree Hanover (*1968).

All 4 Stallions are more or less close inbred, Supergill (free of any Speedy-Crown-Blood!) and American Winner 2x4 on Star’s Pride, Pine Chip 3x4 on Speedy Scot and Varenne 3x3 on Speedy Crown.

And all 4 Stallions proved their Greatness from the Racetrack also in the Breeding Barn. With only one difference, that American Winner in contrast to Pine Chip never was syndicated and his fertility wasn’t that good like the ones of Supergill, Pine Chip and Varenne, so he has much less offsprings overall.

Pedigree American Winner

Let’s take a look at important offsprings of the 4 Sires:

American Winner
Pine Chip

Supergill is a Sire Titan with many honors. He sired a lot of Sons which also got successful in the Breeding Barn, like e.g. Toss Out, the Sire of Robert Bi, but also the World Record Filly Giant Diablo, Dam of D’One. American Winner even now has a huge Legacy with his 2 Siring Sons Credit Winner (both US and Europe) and Viking Kronos (more or less only Europe), Pine Chip sired 2 Hambletonian-Winners with Scarlet Knight and Chip Chip Hooray, the former seems to continue the line of his Father especially in Sweden, where he is a Top Sire. Also Dream Vacation made his way in Sweden, Daguet Rapide is a well claimed Sire in Italy. Varenne is 10 respectively 5 years younger than the other guys, it will be interesting to watch his sons doing in the breeding, like e.g. his Million-Euro-Stakes-Winner Pascia’ Lest or Micro Mesh.

Pedigree Pine Chip

Supergill, American Winner and Pine Chip are probably the best Broodmare Sires of our time, Supergill with horses like Mosaique Face, Blur, Civil Action, Corleone Kosmos, More Chips, Look MP, Jalopy (Dam of Panne de Moteur), Egon Lavec, Tycoon Conway Hall, Ravenna, Occhione Jet, First Lavec, or Couch Doctor. American Winner with Horses like Muscle Hill, Maven, Algiers Hall, Classic Photo, Sand Vic, Winning Mister, Break The Bank K, or the outstanding Broodmare Solveig. Pine Chip with Horses like Muscle Massive, Muscle Mass, Going Kronos, Cedar Dove, Lantern Kronos, Libeccio Grif, Mr Pine Chip, Prussia, Snow White, Yarrah Boko, Unforgettable, Zola Boko and many more. Varenne doesn’t have so many merits until now, but like most of all great Stallions he will improve as a Broodmare Sire also. One great example right now is the outstanding World Record Filly Mission Brief, one of the Favorites for the Hambletonian 2015. Varenne of course also sends a lot of High Class Fillies to the Stud, like the Millionaires Lana Del Rio and Lisa America or Princess Grif. 

A closer Look:

Pedigree Varenne

Supergill as Broodmare Sire
American Winner as Broodmare Sire
Pine Chip as Broodmare Sire
Varenne as Broodmare Sire

Supergill’s last Stud Fee (his Italian Owner Roberto Toniatti, who bought the horse in 1995, told us that he’s not active as a Stallion anymore) was 12.900 EUR/14.200 USD, his highest Fee was about 15.000 EUR/16.500 USD. Pine Chip (Stud Fee 2015 appr. 4.600 EUR/ 5.000 USD) who moved from Castleton Farms to Broline Stuteri in Sweden in the year 2000 is still active, also Varenne is a high claimed Stallion in Italy, his Fee is 12.000 EUR/13.200 USD in his Home Country. American Winner on the other hand seems not to be very active anymore, at this Website there is no Stud Fee listed for 2015.

If you take a look on our List of the Swedish "Elite Stallions“, you can find the names of Supergill, Pine Chip, his Son Scarlet Knight as well as the American-Winner-Sons Credit Winner and Viking Kronos there.

Nowadays one can see many fine Combinations of our Protagonists, like Mosaique Face, Royal FighterGoing Kronos, Lantern Kronos, Lover Power, Pine CreditFalk On Hill, Impeto Grif, Lily Kronos, Order By FaxLou Kronos, Megan Grif, Rolling StonesMusa Del Ronco, Princess GrifSouthwind Serena (Dam of Mission Brief), Get Chipped, Happy Days, Missing Link, Classical Duo, Whata Winner, Claudia BR, Don’t Know Chip, Firstclassprincess, Freya Kievitshof, Le Touquet, Leonardo Grif, More Chips, Nadir Kronos, Navy Seal, Occhiata Jet, Olona Ok, Remo Gas, or Ringostarr Treb.

Pine Chip Armbro Keepsake 1994

Pine Chip (r.) and Armbro Keepsake in the Year 1994 after their Victories in the Breeder’s Crown. Armbro Keepsake was bred to Pine Chip, who was then a Sire at Castleton Farms for a Fee of 10.000 USD, in 1995.

American Winner Breeding Advertisement of 2009

Video: American Winner winning the Hambletonian of 1993

Varenne 20

Celebration of the 20th Birthday of Varenne at the new built Racetrack Milano La Maura.
Foto: Enzo De Nardin

Varenne – A Proud Stallion

Video: World Record Holder Pine Chip

Video: Varenne – his Career

From our Colleague Ettore Barbetta of Milano, Italy: Varenne’s
20th Birthday and a List of famous Trotters born in May
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