The Swedish Travkriterium & Trav Oaks 2017

The 3 year olds in Sweden are year by year a good indicator for the trotting breed

Year after year, the Swedish Travkriterium is a guide to the direction in which breeding is to take place. This inter alia. from the fact that Sweden is the country with the most foalbirths after France and the USA, and that in North America, thanks to Ready Cash and his son Bold Eagle, there is now probably a real boom in French blood circulation, France as a sort of trotterrace, the Trotteur Francais, which can never be so natural, since the great successes in France's sport of racing always took place after the opening of the stud book for American Standardbred blood.
In Sweden, of course, therefore, concentrates since the seventies, but since at least the eighties and nineties of the last century to a large extent reasonable division between US and French blood, so as the big stake races as just the Travkriterium (3 years old) or Derby (4-year) for the colts and geldings over long distances as 2,640 meters (1.65 miles) to be run.

There are not less than 6 eliminations of the Travkriterium on sunday, September 17, in each one 12 horses, only the 2 first of the elims are heading to the final. The fillies also compete in 6 elims over the shorter distance of 2,140 meters (1.33 miles). So all in all we are talking about 144 horses…

We want to devide this article again in 2 parts. In the first we take a look at the stallions for the eliminations, the second will be about the finalists and their breeding patterns.

Eliminations Travkriterium (males):

11 Muscle Hill (US/Muscles Yankee)
  6 Raja Mirchi (SE/Viking Kronos)
  5 S J´s Caviar (US/S J´s Photo)
  4 Ready Cash (FR/Indy de Vive)
  3 Adrian Chip (US/Andover Hall)
  3 Dream Vacation (US/Pine Chip)
  3 Orlando Vici (FR/Quadrophenio)
  3 Prodigious (FR/Goetmals Wood)
  3 Scarlet Knight (US/Pine Chip)
  2 Chocolatier (US/Credit Winner)
  2 Jaded (SE/Express Ride)
  2 Love You (FR/Coktail Jet)
  2 Maharajah (SE/Viking Kronos)
  2 Revenue (SE/Reve d´Udon)
  1 Conway Hall (US/Garland Lobell)
  1 Donato Hanover (US/Andover Hall)
  1 From Above (SE/Zoot Suit)
  1 Going Kronos (IT/Viking Kronos)
  1 Great Challenger (US/Conway Hall)
  1 Infinitif (IT/Pine Chip)
  1 Joke Face (SE/Viking Kronos)
  1 Lucky Chucky (US/Windsong´s Legacy)
  1 Make It Happen (US/Conway Hall)
  1 Mythical Lindy (US/S J´s Caviar)
  1 Pato (SE/Orlando Vici)
  1 Quite Easy (US/Andover Hall)
  1 Royal Dream (FR/Love You)
  1 Select Yankee (US/Yankee Glide)
  1 Sinou Madrik (FR/Infant du Bossis)
  1 Text Me (CA/Kadabra)
  1 The Bad Boy (SE/Speedy Somolli)
  1 Timoko (FR/Imoko)
  1 Weingartner (US/Donato Hanover)
  1 Yorktown Gunner (CA/Balanced Image)
  1 Zerberus (DE/Tenor de Baune)

Eliminations Travoaks (females):

  7 Maharajah (SE/Viking Kronos)
  6 Raja Mirchi (SE/Viking Kronos)
  5 Going Kronos (IT/Viking Kronos)
  5 Ready Cash (FR/Indy de Vive)
  5 Scarlet Knight (US/Pine Chip)
  3 Quite Easy (US/Andover Hall)
  2 Cantab Hall (US/Self Possessed)
  2 Dream Vacation (US/Pine Chip)
  2 Infinitif (IT/Pine Chip)
  2 Muscle Hill (US/Muscles Yankee)
  2 Pastor Stephen (US/Cantab Hall) 
  2 Perhaps Love (FR/Coktail Jet) 
  2 Prodigious (FR/Goetmals Wood)
  2 Super Photo Kosmos (US/ S J´s Photo)
  2 Text Me (CA/Kadabra)   
  2 The Best Madrik (FR/Coktail Jet)        
  1 Broadway Hall (US/Conway Hall
  1 Credit Winner (US/American Winner)
  1 Enjoy Lavec (SE/Pine Chip)
  1 From Above (SE/Zoot Suit)
  1 Gift Kronos (IT/Viking Kronos)
  1 Hard Livin (US/S J´s Caviar)
  1 Il Villaggio (US/Yankee Glide)
  1 Juliano Star (FR/Buvetier d´Aunou)
  1 Lavec Kronos (IT/Enjoy Lavec)
  1 Make It Happen (US/Conway Hall)  
  1 Mythical Lindy (US/S J´s Caviar)
  1 Offshore Dream (FR/Reve d´Udon)  
  1 Orlando Vici (FR/Quadrophenio)
  1 Sahara Dynamite (SE/Express Ride)  
  1 S J´s Caviar (US/S J´s Photo)    
  1 Symphonic Hanover (US/Cantab Hall)  
  1 Turbo Sund (SE/Viking Kronos)  
  1 Varenne (IT/Waikiki Beach)
  1 Weingartner (US/Donato Hanover)
  1 Yankee Glide (US/Valley Victory)  
  1 Zola Boko (SE/Goetmals Wood)


13 Muscle Hill (US/Muscles Yankee)
12 Raja Mirchi (SE/Viking Kronos)
  9 Maharajah (SE/Viking Kronos)
  9 Ready Cash (FR/Indy de Vive)
  8 Scarlet Knight (US/Pine Chip)

Comment from Sweden:
3 patrilineages:
Viking Kronos
Pine Chip
Muscles Yankee
No big deal, ok, but why are many other sirelines absent/moderately represented in Sweden?
And, Maharajah, soon confirmed as sire of daughters par preference, meaning excellent damsire? 


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