The Swedish Derby 2014

12 finalists and their pedigrees & the 12 fillies

Uttagningslopp KRAFFT Svenskt Travderby 2014 (2640 meters/time) – 2014_08_26

Elimination 1:
1. Poochai (Make It Happen – In Vino Veritas – Express Ride) 14,2
Maternal line: Sophronia (US)
2. Nimbus C.D. (Mythical Lindy – Kiss of Life – Tenor de Baune) 14,4
Maternal line: Abbess (US)

Elimination 2:
1. Västerbo Fantast (Mr Pine Chip – Fassia LB – Supergill) 14,3
Maternal line: Lizzie Whiterspoon (US)
2. Tiberius F (Going Kronos – Peace Kronos – Sugarcane Hanover) 14,5
Maternal line: Belle (US)

Elimination 3:
1. Sauveur (Echo – Operah Bob – Easy Lover) 13,7
Maternal line: Medio (US)
2. Västerbo Loveboat (Love You – Västerbo Highclass – Pine Chip) 13,8
Maternal line: Bonny (by Bayard) (US)

Elimination 4:
1. Ivar S
ånna (Super Arnie – Staro Africat – Giant Cat) 14,1
Maternal line: Burch mare (US)
2. Reckless (Ready Cash – Haver – Supergill) 14,4
Maternal line: Sally Sovereign (Maggie H.) (US)

Elimination 5:
1. Archangel Am (Going Kronos – No More Time – Capitole) 13,8
Maternal line: Sibylle (FR)
2. Dominator (Donato Hanover – Ultra Sund – Viking Kronos) 13,9
Maternal line: Lady Pierce (US)

Elimination 6:
1. Bandit Hornline (San Pellegrino – Dash Girl – Giant Chill) 15,9
Maternal line: Abbess (US)
Maverick Man (From Above – Bambinas Girl – Lindy’s Crown) 16,0
Maternal line: Sally Sovereign (Maggie H.) (US)

The Fillies:
Uttagningslopp KRAFFT Derbystoet 2014 (2140 meters/time) – 2014_08_26

Elimination 1:
1. D’One (Donato Hanover – Giant Diablo – Supergill) 13,4
Maternal line: Esther (US)
2. Ninepoints Lucy (Spotlite Lobell – Lucky Kelly – Coktail Jet) 13,6
Maternal line: Mary (by Monmouth Eclipse) (US)

Elimination 2:
1. Backfire (Offshore Dream – Fashion Brodda – S J’s Caviar) 13,6
Maternal line: Ab (US)
2. Katla Celeber (Look de Star – Amanda Celeber – Express Ride) 13,9
Maternal line: Maud (by Harold Mambrino) (US)

Elimination 3:
1. Neona Princess (Gigant Neo – Dew Princess – J.R. Broline) 13,5
Maternal line: Roan Fanny (US)
2. Frida Montana (From Above – Calles Cinzano – Foreign Office) 14,0
Maternal line: Sally Sovereign (Maggie H.) (US)

Elimination 4:
1. Donna di Quattro (Love You – Whoopie As – S J’s Photo) 13,6
Maternal line: Medio (US)
2. Rigatoni (Deweycheatumnhowe – Canneloni – Mack Lobell) 13,8
Maternal line: Mambrino Beauty (US)

Elimination 5:
1. Darling Boko (Chocolatier – Favour Baby – Tagliabue) 12,9
Maternal line: Kitty Morgan (US)
2. Wingait Ida (Kadabra – Wingait Inga – Juliano Star) 13,1
Maternal Line: 
Mambrino Beauty (US)

Elimination 6:
1. Stelina (Order By Fax – Islay Mist – Buvetier d’Aunou) 14,3
Maternal line: Sophronia (US)
2. Godiva As (Chocolatier – Evensong As – Mack Lobell) 14,4
Maternal Line: 
Sally Sovereign (Maggie H.) (US)


11 of the 12 finalists in the Swedish Derby originate from an US-maternal line, only the possible favorite Archangel Am descends from a French motherline. The lines of Abbess (Nimbus C.D. & Bandit Hornline) and Sally Sovereign/ Maggie H. (Reckless & Maverick Man) have 2 finalists each. The latter has also a finalist at the fillies (Frida Montana). The world’s No. 1 maternal line of Medio sends one finalist each to the big Derby (Sauveur) and to the fillies (Donna di Quattro), while the line of Mambrino Beauty has 3 finalists (Rigatoni, Wingait Ida & Godiva As) in the ladies final. The line of Sophronia has 1 each in the big one (Poochai) and in the Derbystoet (Godiva As). Broodmare sires: 2 points each to Mack Lobell, Supergill and Express Ride.
Interesting is a look at the stallions: In the Derby there are 12 horses with 11 different sires, only Going Kronos (Archangel Am & Tiberius F) scored twice. Of all 24 horses in the finals, the sires are:
2 horses:
Chocolatier (US) (by Credit Winner)
Donato Hanover (US) (by Andover Hall)
From Above (SE) (by Zoot Suit)
Going Kronos (IT) (by Viking Kronos)
Love You (FR) (by Coktail Jet)
1 horse:
Deweycheatumnhowe (US) (by Muscles Yankee)
Echo (FR) (by Qlorest du Vivier)
Gigant Neo (SE) (by Super Arnie)
Kadabra (US) (by Primrose Lane)
Look de Star (FR) (by Coktail Jet)
Make It Happen (US) (by Conway Hall)
Mr Pine Chip (US) (by S J’s Caviar)
Mythical Lindy (US) (by S J’sCaviar)
Offshore Dream (FR) (by Reve d’Udon)
Order By Fax (SE) (by Viking Kronos)
Ready Cash (FR) (by Indy de Vive)
San Pellegrino (US) (by Valley Victory)
Spotlite Lobell (US) (by Speedy Somolli)
Super Arnie (US) (by Super Bowl)

The starting lists (horse/ trainer) – 2014_09_07:

Svenskt Travderby
2640 meter autostart

1. Västerbo Fantast (Svante Båth)
2. Ivar Sånna (Jan Hellstedt)
3. Poochai (Svante Båth)
4. Archangel Am (Lutfi Kolgjini)
5. Bandit Hornline (Robert Bergh)
6. Sauveur (Åke Lindblom)
7. Nimbus C.D. (Per Nordström)
8. Västerbo Loveboat (Svante Båth)
9. Reckless (Björn Goop)
10. Maverick Man (Svante Båth)
11. Dominator (Björn Goop)
12. Tiberius F. (Helena Burman)
1st price: 2 000 000 SEK

2140 meter autostart
1. Neona Princess (Peter Untersteiner)
2. Darling Boko (Ulf Stenströmer)
3. Backfire (Tomas Malmqvist)
4. D'One (Roger Walmann)
5. Donna di Quattrio (Tomas Malmqvist)
6. Godiva Ås (Svante Båth)
7. Frida Montana (Tomas Malmqvist)
8. Ninepoints Lucy (Jörgen Westholm)
9. Stelina (Roger Walmann)
10. Rigatoni (Roger Walmann)
11. Wingait Ida (Stefan Persson)
12. Katla Celeber (Roger Walmann)
1st price: 1 000 000 SEK

PS: 3 of the finalists have been sold at Swedish auctions:
Archangel Am: 530.000 SEK
Darling Boko: 160.000 SEK
Donna di Quattro: 300.000 SEK


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