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The breeding schedule 

„This was the longest and most trying breeding season we have had.”

We spoke to Elizabeth Caldwell at Cane Run Farm, breeder of world class trotters like Moni Maker and Propulsion, about the 2021 breeding season. She told us that they now have 11 yearlings and 22 foals, besides mares that are in the Kentucky mare residency program. And she also told us that it is very difficult to find workers, so she and her brother were really exhausted after the 2021 breeding season.

It is all the more gratifying that three mares (not all of them owned by Cane Run) are pregnant after the aforementioned Propulsion. The winner of the Elitloppet in Stockholm-Solvalla was brought back to his home country from Sweden after the “Nerving” affair and now breeds at Deo Volente Farms for $9,500.

The trotting broodmares and the coverings of 2021:

Name (Sire – Dam – Damsire)                                                                      Maternal Line                       Sire 2021

All Star Hanover (Cantab Hall – Astrea Hanover – Valley Victory)                Lizzie Witherspoon                Trixton
Bright Baby Blues (Andover Hall – Bar Slide – Yankee Glide)                     Medio                                     Tactical Landing
Creature of Habit (Donato Hanover – Habit´s Best – Muscles Yankee)        Lizzie Witherspoon                Muscle Hill
Danae (Andover Hall – Deanella Hanover – Valley Victory)                            Nelly (Mambrino Sterley)      Muscle Hill
Derailed Hanover (Cantab Hall – D Train – Donerail)                                    Mambrino Beauty                  Muscle Hill
Deschanel (Yankee Glide – Danae – Andover Hall)                                       Nelly (Mambrino Sterley)      Father Patrick
Eowyn (Donato Hanover – Aunt Mel – Yankee Glide)                                    Medio                                    Muscle Hill
Fate Smiled (Muscle Massive – For A Dancer – Conway Hall)                      Sally Sovereign                     Tactical Landing
Fortune Of Fables (Muscle Hill – Flawless Bluestone – Donerail)                 Molly Armstrong                   Cantab Hall
Habit´s Best (Muscles Yankee – 
Habit – Supergill)                                        Lizzie Witherspoon               Greenshoe
Hidden Temple (Kadabra – Armbro Temple – Garland Lobell)                      Nelly (Mambrino Sterley)      Cantab Hall
Oasis Dream (Cantab Hall – Dream Angel – Malabar Man)                          Minnehaha                            Muscle Mass
Possess Me (Self Possessed – Primacy – Armbro Goal)                              Molly Armstrong                    Swan For All
Temple Ruins (Donato Hanover – Temple Of Heaven – Muscles Yankee)   Nelly (Mambrino Sterley)       Propulsion

Tactical Landing bred two of the broodmares of Cane Run Farm   Foto: Gerard Forni

Cane Run Farm, who sold a full brother to Propulsion (named Damien, who is now being prepared in Sweden at the Zet stable) in Lexington for 1 million Dollars two years ago, will sell 9 standardbreds in Lexington this autumn, including another full brother to the two mentioned horses called Detroit City. 

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