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We would like to invite you to send us rare photos of trotters worldwide. Please use the contact mail address and add some words about the picture. Please don’t forget to tell us the name of the person who made the photo.

1. We will start with a picture of two of the most admired french horses of all time, also two with a great impact of the breed, Roquepine and Kerjacques. Our colleague Prof. Ulf Lindström of Sweden sent us this snapshot and explains: „The groom’s husband at Stable Sjöström is Frenchman, and his grandfather (passed away last year) was equine dentist and took the picture in 1972.”

Roquepine had only 4 foals, one with a major impact to the french and international trotting breed, Florestan (*1971, by Star’s Pride), her second was Granit (*1972, by Ayres), then she gave foal to two mares, Hague (*1973, by Kerjacques) and Ile Marie (*1974, by Fandango). The heritage of this maternal line is still very alive, e.g., look at this Pedigree.

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