2020 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale

A Conclusion

Kadena  Photo: Adam Ström courtesy by Gerard Forni

Elizabeth Caldwell of Cane Run Farm:

"We knew our sale would be down after last year’s sale. It was down a little more so because of the Covid. A Lot of people were not there because they couldn’t come and it really made a difference. I missed seeing so many faces. It’s been a different year. But we expected it. We got them all sold and everything went to good homes and should have a good chance at the track. Overall, the auction was spotty with lots of bright spots. I’m missing the Red Mile. Can’t wait to turn the page for next year."

Highest price yearlings:

Kadena (filly) – USD 725.000
Walner – Mission Brief – Muscle Hill

Bonanza (colt) – USD 600.000
Muscle Hill – Designed To Be – Donato Hanover

Monkey Queen (filly) – USD 450.000
Chapter Seven – Steamy Windows – Muscle Massive

Knight´s Guard (colt) – USD 400.000
Muscle Hill – Stubborn Belle – Taurus Dream

Trunk Bay (colt) – USD 400.000
Muscle Hill – Sunshine Delight – Credit Winner

No Ball Games (colt) – USD 340.000
Muscle Hill – Amour Heiress – Cantab Hall

Cash Machine Girl (filly) – USD 300.000
Muscle Hill – Brooklyn – Conway Hall

Elegant Charm (filly) – USD 300.000
Father Patrick – Graceful Kelly – Muscles Yankee

Venerable (filly) – USD 210.000
Walner – Jolene Jolene – Muscle Hill

Classic Hill (colt) – USD 210.000
Muscle Hill – Classical Annie – Andover Hall

(Under the Top 10 yearlings 8 trotters, 2 pacers. From the Top 10 trotting yearlings 5 colts and 5 fillies)

Sire Averages (min. 10 yearlings):
USD 132.510: Muscle Hill by Muscles Yankee (49 yearlings)
USD   88.218: Walner by Chapter Seven (55 yearlings)
USD   84.538: Chapter Seven by Windsong´s Legacy (39 yearlings)
USD   56.636: Southwind Frank by Muscle Hill (11 yearlings)
USD   46.359: Father Patrick by Cantab Hall (39 yearlings)
USD   36.043: Muscle Mass by Muscles Yankee (23 yearlings)
USD   35.455: Swan For All by Andover Hall (11 yearlings)
USD   32.643: Kadabra by Primrose Lane (14 yearlings)
USD   30.706: Bar Hopping by Muscle Hill (17 yearlings)
USD   30.300: Resolve by Muscle Hill (10 yearlings)

USD 110.000: Ready Cash by Indy de Vive (1 yearling)
USD   70.000: Googoo Gaagaa by Cam´s Rocket (2 yearlings)
USD   59.500: Cash Hall by Self Possessed (4 yearlings)
USD   49.000: Archangel by Credit Winner (2 yearlings)
USD   44.000: Wishing Stone by Conway Hall (4 yearlings)

Paternal Lines:
Valley Victory
(7 yearlings/ Muscle Hill/ Father Patrick) and Garland Lobell (3 yearlings/ Chapter Seven/ Walner) as far as the eye can see.
No stallion from the Star´s Pride line.

Maternal Lines:
Medio (Trunk Bay/ No Ball Games/ Elegant Charm)
1 Blanche (Kadena)
1 Captain Roberts mare (Bonanza)
Fanny Mapes (Knight´s Guard)
Lizzie Witherspoon (Cash Machine Girl)
1 Mambrino Beauty (Monkey Queen)
1 Mamie (Venerable)
1 Molly J (Classic Hill)

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