European Trotting Derbies 2018 at a glance

The winners (chronological), their paternal and maternal lines

France (4yr) – Critérium des 4 ans – Paris-Vincennes, May 5 – 2850 Meters – 240.000 EUR
Enino du Pommereux (M) (Winning time: 1:11,7)
Sire: Coktail Jet (FR/ by Quouky Williams) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Peter Scott - Sam Williams - Carioca II - Fakir du Vivier - Coktail Jet
Dam: Noune du Pommereux (FR/ by Halimede) – Maternal line: Fernande (FR)
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Austria (4yr) – „133. Österreichisches Traber-Derby” – Vienna-Krieau, June 24 – 2600 Meters – 60.000 EUR
I Love You Darling (F) (Winning time: 1:17,4)
Sire: Light Kronos (IT, by S J´s Photo) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star´s Pride – S J´s Photo
Dam: Dorian (IT/ by Coktail Jet) – Maternal line: Medio (US)
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Hungary (4yr) – „104. Magyar Ügetóderby” – Budapest-Kincsem Park, June 30 – 2500 Meters – 10.000.000 HUF (ca. 31.000 EUR)
Veronica Fling (F) (Winning time: 1:18,2)
Sire: Racino (US/ by S J´s Photo) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star´s Pride – S J´s Photo
Dam: Cicciolina Fling (SE/ by Supergill) – Maternal line: Nell (Hiatoga) (US)
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Germany (3yr) – „122. Deutsches Traber-Derby”  Berlin-Mariendorf, August 5 – 1900 Meters – 215.633 EUR
Mister F Daag (M) (Winning time: 1:12,3)
Sire: Conway Hall (US/ by Garland Lobell) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Victory Song - Garland Lobell
Dam: Miss Love (DE/ by Love You) – Maternal line: Sophronia (US)
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Slovenia (4yr) – „28. Slovenski Kasaski Derby” – Ljutomer, August 5 – 2600 Meters – 10.000 EUR
Peterka I (M) (Winning time: 1:19,3)
Sire: Gerd November (DE/ by Diamond Way) – 
Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star's Pride - Super Bowl
Dam: Petrana Lobell (SI/ by Scurry Lobell) – Maternal line: Liska (YU)
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The Netherlands (3yr) – „Derby I” – Duindigt, August 26 – 2600 Meters – 40.000 EUR
Ideaal (M) (Winning time: 1:17,5)
Sire: Make It Happen (US/ by Conway Hall) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Victory Song - Garland Lobell
Dam: Beralda (NL/ by Castleton Bass) – Maternal line: Albertine (FR)
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Denmark (4yr) – „Dansk Trav Derby” – Copenhagen-Charlottenlund, August 26 – 3000 Meters – 1.210.000 DKK (ca. 162.000 EUR)
Chock Nock (M) (Winning time: 1:15,1)
Sire: S J´s Photo (US/ by Photo Maker) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star´s Pride – S J´s Photo
Dam: Flicka Trojborg (DK/ by Earthquake) – Maternal line: Nelly (Mambrino Sterley) (US)
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Finland (4yr) – „Suuri Suomalainen Derby” – Helsinki-Vermo, September 1 – 2600 Meters – 321.000 EUR
Hachiko de Veluwe (M) (Winning time: 1:13,3)
Sire: Timoko (FR/ by Imoko) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite – Star´s Pride - Nevele Pride
Dam: Amazing Ride (FI/ by Muscles Yankee) 
– Maternal line: Minnehaha (US)
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France (5yr) – Critérium des 5 ans – Paris-Vincennes, September 1 – 3000 Meters – 240.000 EUR
Davidson du Pont (M) (Winning time: 1:13,0)
Sire: Pacha du Pont (FR/ by Baccarat Du Pont) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star´s Pride – Florestan
Dam: Laguna du Pont (FR/ by Pelican du Pont) – Maternal line: Sauterelle (FR)
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Sweden (4yr) – „Svenskt Trav Derby”  Malmö-Jägersro, September 3 – 2640 Meters – 4.000.000 SEK (ca. 388.000 EUR)
Who´s Who (M) (Winning time: 1:12,0)
Sire: Maharajah (SWE/ by Viking Kronos) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Star's Pride - Super Bowl
Dam: Reality Pride (SE/ by From Above) – Maternal line: Jessie (Vichnou) (FR)
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Czech Republik (4yr, International) – XXVI. Klusácké derby Vystavba plynovodu – Bravantice, September 8 – 2180 Meters – ca. 11.500 EUR
Tosca King (AT) (M) (Winning time: 1:17,7)
Sire: Elean Donon (US/ by Angus Hall) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Victory Song - Garland Lobell
Dam: Tootsie Rich (DE/ by Super Arnie) – Maternal line: Sally Sovereign (Maggie H) (US)
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Norway (4yr) – „VG Norsk Travderby” – Oslo-Bjerke, September 9 – 2600 Meters – 4.295.000 NOK (ca. 440.000 EUR)
Gretzky B.R. (M) (Winning time: 1:13,5)
Sire: Quite Easy (US/ by Andover Hall) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Victory Song - Garland Lobell
Dam:  Metior Missy (US/ by Tagliabue) – Maternal line: Jessie Pepper (US)
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Italy (3yr) – 91. Derby Italiano Del Trotto – Napoli, September 23 – 2100 Meters – 1.001.000 EUR
Zlatan (M) (Winning time: 1:12,2)
Sire: Napoleon Bar (IT/ by Varenne) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown - Speedy Somolli
Dam: Nastassia Bi (IT/ by Toss Out) – Maternal line: Fanny (Liberty) (US)
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– Really unbelievable: the paternal line of Volomite is the winner in 11 of 13 races, only one of them goes to Scotland (pronounced Speedy Crown). And after a lot of urgently needed blood is being talked about, S J´s Photo (born 1990), 3 winners, and Garland Lobell (born 1981), 4 winners, both probably the biggest stallion surprises of the last decades, speak their own language: good blood always prevails ...

– The number of european motherlines was above average this year: France (FR), Netherlands (FR), Slovenia (YU), Sweden (FR).

– Sweden´s trotting hero Maharajah, winner of the Swedish Derby 2009 and winner of the Prix d´Amérique 2014, was the only sire this year that sent an offspring as winner.

– Austrian Trainer Gregor Krenmayr won both the Austrian Derby (as Trainer) and the Czech Derby (as Trainer and Driver).

– In many nations, the purses of the Derbys are steadily going downhill. Unlike in norway, the prize money was almost doubled!

– German stallion Gerd November, who was installed in Slovenia, brought the Derby winner for the second time in a row.

– US stallion Quite Easy, standing in Sweden, brought the Norwegian Derby winner for the second time in a row.

– For the second time in a row, the US stallion Toss Out in Italy was broodmare sire.

– For the scond time in a row Slovenian/Yugoslavian maternal line of Liska brought the Derby winner.

I Love You Darling, Austrian Derby winner of 2018


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