The enormous legacy of Nevele Pride

The Winter Meeting at Paris-Vincennes 2020/2021 showed it once again

Nevele Pride with Stanley Dancer in the Sulky

Nevele Pride was born in 1965 and died on February 19, 1993 at the age of 28. The stallion won 57 races, including the Triple Crown, and set numerous world records (he improved the Greyhound's 31-year-old record as the world's fastest trotter).

Nevele Pride was named "Horse of the Year" in each of his racing seasons and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. "Pride" withdrew from the racetrack with profits of $ 871,738, making him the third most winning trotter at that time after the French Roquepine and the American Su Mac Lad.

His sire Stars Pride is still the most successful sire of this race with eight victorious offspring in the Hambletonian, his dam Thankful (by Hoot Mon) comes from the dam line of Lizzie Witherspoon.

The following is about the role of Nevele Pride as a stallion, he also played an important role as a dam's sire in many trotting nations, as demonstrated by horses such as Abundance, Beseiged, Charmy Skeeter, Diamond Exchange, Duenna, the Pacer French Chef, Go Get Lost, Gum Ball, Hot Tub, Jay November, Joy As, Magical Queen, Meadow Prophet, Nilema Pearl, Nuclear Kosmos, Otto Mani, Park Avenue Kathy, Rite On Line, Royal Prestige, Somollison, Tartas, To The Gate or Uxer Lb.

We don't want to mention again at this point that Nevele Pride was an extremely unpleasant contemporary (but never had an influence on his breeding performance), we put a pdf of a Hoof Beats article by our friend Dean A. Hoffman on this page. We are interested in the incredible legacy that Nevele Pride left behind in the breed and want to illustrate his sire line in a diagram. (Note: In the case of the sons of Nevele Pride, we have only listed those who were of essential importance as breeding stallions in trotting nations around the world.) 

1849 Hambletonian 10
1863 Happy Medium
1879 Pilot Medium
1895 Peter The Great
1911 Peter Volo
1926 Volomite
1940 Worthy Boy
1947 Star´s Pride
1965 Nevele Pride  ––> 1971 Express Pride
                                 ––> 1971 Madison Avenue 
                                                 1979 Meadow Road
                                                          1988 Primrose Lane
                                                                   1999 Kadabra
                                 ––> 1972 Bonefish
                                                 1979 Mickey Viking
                                                          1987 Viking´s Way
                                                                   1996 Indy De Vive
                                                                            2005 Ready Cash
                                                                                     2011 Bird Parker
                                                                                     2011 Bold Eagle
                                                                                     2011 Brillantissime
                                                                                     2012 Charly du Noyer
                                                                                     2012 Readly Express
                                 ––> 1973 Pershing
                                 ––> 1973 Zoot Suit
                                                 1998 From Above
                                 ––> 1976 Kimberland
                                                 1986 Ulf d´Ombree
                                                 1987 Voici du Niel
                                                          2000 Meaulnes du Corta
                                 ––> 1977 Cheetah
                                 ––> 1979 Incredible Nevele
 1983 Barbeque

DSC 2986

The tombstone of Nevele Pride at Stoner Creek Stud in Kentucky   Photo: Nikolaus Matzka

This diagram clearly shows that the sire line of Nevele Pride continues primarily in France and through the numerous sons of Ready Cash, including the descendants of Face Time Bourbon, Django Riff, Traders, Djali Boko, Cash Gamble or Feling Cash will draw our attention soon. It remains to be seen whether his line will be able to continue in his home country USA, especially since no son of Kadabra has been very successful in the breed until now. Maybe the role of the successor will fall to Forbidden Trade in North America or Support Justice in Europe in the near future.


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