U.E.T. Grand Prix 2015

Big majority of Swedish trotters 

U.E.T. Grand Prix 2015. Under this link one can find the list after the first application (November 15, 2013) of still eligible horses. The stake will be raced for four-year-old colts and mares (no geldings!), the final by a whopping 350.000 Euros will be held at Wolvega, The Netherlands for the crop of 2011. The first entry (5 Euros) has been paid for the whole crop from the local organizations of U.E.T.-members Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Czech Republic, after the first deadline remained Russia, Spain and Switzerland without entries.

Looking at the list, arising but some surprises. For example, the former European big trotting countries Germany (3 entries) and Italy (9 entries) represented very weak, between the occurring by an overwhelming majority of great powers France and especially Sweden (including Finland and Norway are strongly represented, Denmark, only marginally) one sees but also nominations from Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. In Austria decided four owners to name their horses. The number of mentions for the nations :

340 Entries: Sweden
231 Entries: France
  63 Entries: Finland
  24 Entries: Netherlands
  24 Entries: Norway
    9 Entries: Italy
    4 Entries: Austria
    4 Entries: Belgium
    3 Entries: Germany
    2 Entries: Czech Republik
    2 Entries: Denmark
    2 Entries: Estonia
    1 Entry:    Lithuania

Total: 709 Horses


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