The 2 year olds in France

A look at the pedigrees of the "C"-crop

France is special, anyway, but especially in the trotting sport. Not only that the "Grande Nation“ mostly holds it’s trotting races over distances over more than nearly a double distance of one mile (e.g. the world famous "Prix d’Amérique“ over 2700 meters), it also celebrates it’s great heroes like Ourasi in the past or Ready Cash actually often at an advanced age. But the land with a birthrate of about 12.000 foals per year at the moment also has big races for the youngest horses. This year, the 2 year old horses from France from the crop with the letter "C“ are beginning their career, let’s have a look on the first seven horses (plus the rest of the field) each of the Prix Emmanuel Margouty (for the boys) and the Prix Une de Mai (for the girls), both at Paris-Vincennes in the third week of December 2014 over 2175 meters with a price money of 120.000 EUR (appr. 147.000 USD).

Prix Emmanuel Margouty (2yr males)


Cristal Money
Foto: Gerard Forni

Cristal Money
(Coktail Jet – Making Money – Himo Josselyn)
FR blood: 54% / US blood: 46%
Maternal line: Faterney (FR)

(Password – Ivre de Victoire – Buvetier d’Aunou)
FR blood: 53% / US blood: 47%
Maternal line: Reveuse (FR)

Coquin Bebe
(Rancho Gede – Noble Nenette – Gazouillis)
FR blood: 70% / US blood: 30%
Maternal line: Rosiere (by Conquerant) (FR)

Canari Match
(Extreme Aunou – Ruelle d’Ostai – Joe l’Amoroso)
FR blood: 64% / US blood: 36%
Maternal line: Harlow (FR)

Consul Madrik
(Quitus du Mexique – Kiss Me de Trivart – Big Prestige)
FR blood: 60% / US blood: 40%
Maternal line: Laura Logan (US)

Captain Sparrow
(Ready Cash – Holly du Loctin – Viking’s Way)
FR blood: 56% / US blood: 44%
Maternal line: L’Anglaise (FR)

Cafe Noir
(Ready Cash – Quirielle d’Or – Jet Fortuna)
FR blood: 58% / US blood: 42%
Maternal line: Sans Tache (FR)

Also running:

Crazy Love
(Repeat Love – Kelly de Barb – Lutin d’Isigny)
FR blood: 64% / US blood: 36%
Maternal line: Edna (US)

(Rieussec – Panacee – Vivier de Montfort)
FR blood: 59% / US blood: 41%
Maternal line: Mambrino Beauty/ Nervolo Belle (US)

Cahal des Rioults
(Password – Plesse des Rioults – Coktail Jet)
FR blood: 51% / US blood: 49%
Maternal line: Reine de La Saire (FR)

Caid Griff
(Password – Savane Griff – Tenor de Baune)
FR blood: 65% / US blood: 35%
Maternal line: Tunisie (FR)

Prix Une de Mai (2yr females)


Classica du Ruel
Foto: Gerard Forni

Classica du Ruel
(Scipion du Goutier – Romance du Ruel – Jam Pridem)
FR blood: 69% / US blood: 31%
Maternal line: Fa Mi Sol (FR)

Coleur Citron
(Coktail Jet – L’aunou du Fier – Buvetier d’Aunou)
FR blood: 49% / US blood: 51%
Maternal line: Lady Pierce (US)

(Ready Cash – Soeur Winner – Love You)
FR blood: 48% / US blood: 52%
Maternal line: Sophronia/ Nancy Lee (US)

Ciperla Mag
(Quaker Jet – Perle du Ravary – Kiwi)
FR blood: 55% / US blood: 45%
Maternal line: La Jardiniere (FR)

Cuise la Motte
(Repeat Love – Onagra du Vivier – Extreme Dream)
FR blood: 49% / US blood: 51%
Maternal line: Laura Logan (US)

(Jam Pridem – Kamistie Jet – Defi d'Aunou)
FR blood: 57% / US blood: 43%
Maternal line: Kentucky (US)

Casbah Wood
(Lilium Madrik – Leslie Wood – Diamant Gede)
FR blood: 68% / US blood: 32%
Maternal line: Ouvriere (FR)

Also running:

Cathy A Quira
(Password – Quira des Jacquets – Extreme Dream)
FR blood: 55% / US blood: 45%
Maternal line: Laura Logan (US)

Coco Beach
(Baccara du Pont – Perriere – Defi d’Aunou)
FR blood: 52% / US blood: 48%
Maternal line: Lady Gray (by Abdallah) (US)

Capucine de Nacre
(Repeat Love – Jalousie de Nacre – Cygnus d'Odyssee)
FR blood: 52% / US blood: 48%
Maternal line: Herminie (FR)

Crazy Girl
(Kiwi – Lady du Comtois – Jet du Vivier)
FR blood: 65% / US blood: 35%
Maternal line: Orientale (FR)

Campo Rossa
(Coktail Jet – Manille du Lec – Passionant)
FR blood: 49% / US blood: 51%
Maternal line: Orpheide (FR)

We are talking about 23 horses, Password has 4 offsprings, Ready Cash and Repeat Love, a full brother to Champion Sire Love You (who has no horse in the two races) 3 each. Coktail Jet has 2, on balance, his sire line has 9 offsprings (Coktail Jet, Repeat Love, Quaker Jet, Jam Pridem, Kiwi). The paternal line of Goetmals Wood, a grandson of the great Sharif di Iesolo, counts 6 offsprings (Goetmals Wood, Password, Rieussec, Scipion du Goutier).

9 of the 23 maternal lines have their roots in Northern America, the one of Laura Logan has the majority with 3 offsprings (Consul Madrik, Cuise la Motte, Cathy A Quira). But only 3 horses out of 23 have a – slight – spillover of US-blood (Coleur Citron, Cuise la Motte, Campo Rossa).

(Percentages according to


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