Face Time Bourbon

Face Time Bourbon and Björn Goop set their world record in June 21st in Paris-Vincennes. 
Photo: Gerard Forni

A guide to his bloodlines after the World Record in Paris

1:09,4 over 2100 meters. Or 1:51,3 over 1,3 miles. Face Time Bourbon once again showed in Paris-Vincennes on June 21 that he is currently the best racehorse on the trotting slopes. The stallion earned after this win over 1.7 million euros, but due to his age of five years everything seems possible in this view. Here is his amazing career race by race. Face Time Bourbon has started 25 times in his career so far, staying victorious 21 times, third twice and disqualified once. An enormous record!

We are particularly interested in the bloodlines that make the stallion so strong. In our latest article we wrote about Nevele Pride and his legacy, especially in France. Through his son Bonefish and the stallions Mickey Viking, Viking's Way and Indy de Vive, this branch leads to Ready Cash, the hottest iron that French trotting breeding has to offer. His sons are also preparing to become fantastic sires, one of them should be Face Time Bourbon.

The mother line of Face Time Bourbon is also very interesting. The stallion does not come from a French, but from an American mother line. It is that of Sophronia, one of the oldest maternal lines in the trotting breed. The mare was born in the 1840s and her offspring were soon very successful. 

Nancy Hanks (horse)

Nancy Hanks was one of the
early stars of the motherline
of Face Time Bourbon. She was double gaited, pacing and trotting.

Nancy Hanks was born in 1886, a great granddaughter of Sophronia and a hell of a fast horse. 

The success of this mother line continued with the victory of Amazone B in the Prix d´Amériquein Paris in 1930. This is interesting in that Amazone B is a great-great-granddaughter of Nancy Hanks. And this is how it happened: Nancy Hanks had her daughter Markala in the USA in 1901, this in 1908 the mare Nanceala. Their daughter Anna Maloney, born in 1912, all still in North America.

Anna Maloney was finally imported from the USA to France, where she bred five mares for her legacy.
In 1929, Anna Maloney gave birth to the mare Heroine B, the branch of which finally leads to Face Time Bourbon.

Her records were breathtaking.

However, this grandiose mother line was not only successful in France. The absolute stars of this line were millionaires like the Swedes Mr Lavec, Callit and Jackhammer, alongside the French super mares Mara Bourbon, Qualita Bourbon, Fripon Rose and Anna Mix.

But there are other successes to shed light on. This line brought the American stallion Locomotive (born 1943), who inherited very well in Sweden. Furthermore, an absolute star in New Zealand named Pipiriki (born 1956), the Swedish dam sire Big Lama, the Swedish top trotters Jolly Rocket, Mr Ego, Spinoon, Pamir Brodde, Intoxicated, the German top trotters Titan Way and Mister F Daag (derby winner), as well as the Dutch star Venividivici Joe, winner of the Graf Kálmán Hunyady race in Vienna.

The author of these lines was, as practically every year, present at the Prix d'Amérique in Paris Vincennes on January 26, 2020. After almost half a year, the grandiose impression of this victory has still not passed, this success was so playful - truly impressive.

The stud fee of Face Time Bourbon was 20.000 Euros this year, and you can probably expect a future increase here too.


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