Inbreeding or not?

A view on the pedigree of the most winning trotters in the world

On the basis of our article about the most winning trotters in each and every country where trotting races are held (here), we want to analyze the inbreeding factor of the first 3 horses in each country to have some representative conclusion (we will update the list after new years eve 2014). If there is an inbreeding in the first 3 generations, we will mark it with YES, if not with NO. We will also quote the nearest inbreeding in the pedigrees.

Australia/New Zealand

Lyell Creek                   NO (5x4 / Knight Dream* + 5x4 /Nibble Hanover)
Sundons Gift                NO (4x5 / Misty Hanover* + 4x5x5x5 / Star’s Pride)
One Over Kenny          NO (5x5 / Star’s Pride* + 5x5 / U Scott*)


Striking Actions           YES (3x3 / Speedy Count)
Arnie’s Mind                YES (3x4 / Star’s Pride)
Kaka                             NO (4x4 / Hickory Smoke*)


Passionate Kemp        YES (5x3 / Speedy Crown*)
Louise Laukko               NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride)
Houston Laukko            NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride)


Ready Cash                   NO (4x4 / Florestan)
Jag de Bellouet              NO (4x4 / Carioca II)
General du Pommeau  YES (3x4 / Kerjacques)


Abano As                        NO (4x4 / Super Bowl)
Freiherr As                      NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride)
Brioni                               NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride + 4x4 Speedy Scot*)


Illetmény                          NO (6x4 / Speedy Scot*)
Globus                             NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride)
Butterfly                          YES (3x4 / Speedy Scot*)*


Varenne                          YES (3x3 / Speedy Crown)
Exploit Caf                        NO (4x4 / Bonefish* + 4x4 / Speedy Crown + 4x4 Speedster*)
Mint di Iesolo                   YES (3x4 / Star’s Pride)

The Netherlands

Yellowa                            NO (4x4 / The Saint)
Action Skoatter                NO (4x5 / Volomite)
Virgill Boko                     YES (3x5 / Star’s Pride)

Northern America

Moni Maker                     YES (3x4x4 / Speedster)
Arch Madness                 YES (3x6x6 / Speedster)
Peace Corps                   YES (3x4x5x5 / Star’s Pride)


Thai Tanic                         NO (3x4x4x5 / Star’s Pride + 5x5 / Speedster)
Tamin Sandy                     NO (4x4 / Star’s Pride + 4x4 Flicka Frost)
Shan Rags                       YES (3x3 / Star’s Pride)


Merrie Victory                   YES (3x5x5 / Speedy Crown)
Fearsome Lavec               YES (3x3 / Speedy Crown)
Trocadero                         YES (3x5 / Nevele Pride)


Inter                                     NO (5x5x5 / Rodney + 5x5 Mimi Hanover)
Jasin GL                              NO (4x4 / Speedy Scot + 4x4 / Nevele Pride)
Den MS                               NO (4x4x4 / Star’s Pride)


Victory Tilly                         YES (3x5 / Worthy Boy)
Commander Crowe              NO (4x4 / Speedy Crown)
Gidde Palema                      NO (4x4 / Speedy Scot* + 4x4 / Star’s Pride* + 5x4 / Florican)

* Inbreeding in only one single parent

Conclusion: We are talking about 13 countries and 39 horses. 16 of them are inbred in the first 3 generations (less surprisingly all of them in Northern America, the land of inbreeding…), 23 are not. 6 absolute most winning trotters of the 13 countries are inbred in the first 3 generations, so nearly 50%. Among them the most winning trotter ever, the Italian Varenne, also the most winning trotters of Austria, Finland, Northern America, Serbia and Sweden. Maybe a little bit surprising, that the most winning French horses are more or less intensely inbred.

Fact is, that ALL horses, with the exception of only 2 (1 from Australia, 1 from Slovenia), are inbred respectively linebred starting from the 4th generation! That really might be an indicator for breeding success.


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