Elitloppet ante portas!

A closer look at the paternal and maternal lines

This sunday, the unofficial world championship for sprinters takes place again at Stockholm-Solvalla in Sweden. Again a great field of world class trotters, including two US entries (Maven and Uncle Peter), while contrariwise Sebastian K. moved to the USA. From last year's field four horses are competing again, Shaq Is Back, Panne de Monteur, Raja Mirchi and last year’s winner Nahar.

Nahar (Robert Bergh) will try to defend his title in the Elitloppet.   Foto: Gerard Forni

A look at the two eliminations:

1st elimination

Shaq Is Back (USA/ 7yrs) – Daniel Redén
Credit Winner – Vivica Hall – Victory Dream
Maternal line: Esther (US)

Prussia (ITY/ 5yrs) – Pietro Gubellini
Ken Warkentin – Elvezia – Pine Chip
Maternal line: Medio (US)

Timoko (FRA/ 7yrs) – Bjorn Goop
Imoko – Kiss me Coulonces – And Arifant
Maternal line: Osmonde (FR)

Digital Ink (SWE/ 5yrs) – Orjan Kihlstrom
Super Photo Kosmos – Laverda des Pres – Filou du Boscail
Maternal Line: Avize (FR)

Reven d’Amour (SWE/ 9yrs) – Erik Adielsson
Revenue – Melodie d’Amour – Super Arnie
Maternal line: Fanny Mapes (US)

Maven (USA/ 5yrs) – Yannick Gingras
Glidemaster – M Stewart – American Winner
Maternal line: Ida Chief (US)

Truculent (USA/ 7yrs) – Johnny Takter
Revenue – Heaven Tonight – Victory Dream
Maternal line: Ida Chief (US)

Nahar (SWE/ 9yrs) – Robert Bergh
Love You – Mahonny Broline – Joie de Vie
Maternal line: Lady Gray (by Algona) (US)

2nd elimination

Delicious (USA/ 5yrs) – Daniel Redén
Cantab Hall – Ipsara Lb – Lemon Dra
Maternal line: Lizzie Whiterspoon (US)

Panne de Moteur (SWE/ 6yrs) – Örjan Kihlström
Credit Winner – Jalopy – Donerail
Maternal line: Nelly (by Mambrino Sterley) (US)

Uncle Peter (USA/ 5yrs) – David Miller
Cantab Hall – Victory Treasure – Enjoy Lavec
Maternal line: Ida Chief (US)

Raja Mirchi (SWE/ 7yrs) – Lufti Kolgjini
Viking Kronos – Dame Lavec – Quito de Talonay
Maternal line: Midnight (US)

Sanity (SWE/ 8yrs) – Erik Adielsson
Love You – Flash Light – Mack Lobell
Maternal line: Jessie Pepper (US)

Caballion (SWE/ 8yrs) – Bjorn Goop
Kesaco Phedo – Lady Brick – Super Arnie
Maternal line: Sally Sovereign/Maggie H. (US)

Juliano Rags (NOR/ 6yrs) – Noralf Braekken
Juliano Star – Julia Rags – Super Arnie
Maternal line: Adah Look (US)

Pascia' Lest (ITY/ 5yrs) – Enrico Bellei
Varenne – Superior’s Sun – Diamond Way
Maternal line: Medio (US)


A little bit surprising, the maternal line of Ida Chief, born in 1887, sends the majority of trotters into the eliminations, Maven, Truculent and Uncle Peter. This line had a late output, starting especially with Hambletonian winner 1990, Harmonious, before it came to trotters like Furman, Probing, Flirtin’ Man, Lanson, up to a great crop of 2009 with horses like Uncle Peter, Maven, Truculent, Intimidate and also Little Brown Fox, the latter recently sold to Sweden.
Both of the Italian entries are out of the famous maternal line of Medio. In summary, 14 of the 16 trotters are out of US maternal lines, 2 out of French (Digital Ink & Timoko).

The sires of 7 participants are bred in the USA (Cantab Hall (2), Credit Winner (2), Ken Warkentin, Super Photo Kosmos, Glidemaster), 5 in France (Love You (2), Imoko, Kesaco Phedo, Juliano Star), and 2 each in Italy (Viking Kronos, Varenne) and Sweden (Revenue (2)).

4 of the 16 horses in the Elitlopp eliminations are 100% US Standardbred (Shaq Is Back, Prussia, Panne de Moteur, Uncle Peter), the rest has French blood in their veins, all with one exception with majority of US blood: Maven (99%), Pascia’ Lest (95%), Delicious (94%), Raja Mirchi (85%), Truculent (79%), Nahar and Sanity (78%), Juliano Rags (72%), Reven d’Amour (68%), Digital Ink (62%) and Caballion (59%). Only Timoko has a majority of French blood (65%).

In summary, 7 of the entries are Swedish bred, 5 US bred, 2 Italian and 1 each French and Norwegian. 

List of winners Elitloppet: Maternal lines
List of winners Elitloppet: Paternal lines 

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