A great book is out!

Over 650 pages about the Standardbred Sport Horses

SSH book 3d

Last thursday I received 2 copies (one was going to Australia instead of Austria but it came back – one thing that accompanies Austrians and Australians throughout their lives...) of a great new book about the Standardbred Sport Horses by famed horse writer Kathleen H. Kirsan of Lincoln, California.

It’s simply breathtaking.

What I want to do at this point: I want to wholeheartedly congratulate Kathleen on this new standard work. What an incredible job, what a passion! Many Thanks!


What I can not or will not do at this point: Write a review of the book as it will take some time for me to read through and understand the importance. I just want to bring out some excerpts I photographed from the book that show some of Kathleen's cross references to my work.

More soon.

Don’t miss it, buy it!

More informations and the best way to order the book is here.

One final argument in favor of the book: Apart from being the latest standard work on the subject, it is written for anyone who is even more or less familiar with the great history of the Standardbred horse (in any direction, Trotter, Pacer, Olympic-Style-Sport, etc.). There are countless well-founded stories, hundreds of pedigrees and comments. But even for readers who only want to look at photos or illustrations from the past centuries, this book is a treat.


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