The most successful maternal lines in history

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Many of the breeders in the harness sport agree, that the maternal line of a horse is the basic fundament for success. For the author of this lines, one special website is a great and perpetual help, that is

This homepage is operated by Blue Chip Farms in the New York State of the USA, home amongst others of the outstanding sire Credit Winner.
Stallions at Blue Chip Farms
Originator of the website is Ron Groves, Mastermind John Peck, both of Australia, editor in chief of the Harness Racing International Magazine, operates the site together with programmer Simon Morris and Nathan Grossman.

6 buttons at the top of that website open the world to the harness sport. E.g., just put in a name of a trotter like Moni Maker and you will find a detailed pedigree with many options. One of those is the family tree under Family Winners, so one can see that the horse is out of the family of U16 – Nelly by Mambrino Sterley.


We asked John about that acronym, he explains:

All the A and N numbers and first 199 U numbers indicate performance in terms of Classic Performers.
With the U numbers, 1 to 199 were originally "active" 200-299 "dormant" 300-399 "active but mainly in ANZ", 400-499 "active but mainly in Europe", 500-899 (dead or dormant-winners pre 1980).
The E numbers were initially categorised differently by countries e..g 1-349 (France); 350-399 (UK), 400-499 (Sweden), 450-499 (Denmark/Norway Finland), 500-549 (Belgium), 550-599 (Romania.Yugoslavia/Czech), 600-649 (Germany/Austria), 700-799 (Italy), 800-899 (Russia)
For France we adopted as closely as possible the numbers from "Lignees Classiques du Trotteur Francais“.
We are considering re-doing all the E numbers in terms of performance (Classic Winners and/or members) but it seems a rather monumental task at present – so it is in the "To Do" pile.
For Australia and NZ the top families are the low numbers but the families starting with U300 have to be considered as well.

What a great work! Ultimately it is possible to denominate the most successful maternal lines in trotting and pacing history, here they are with their most winning offsprings:

American maternal lines (U):

U1 –   Medio – Victory Tilly (SWE) / Peace Corps (US)
U2 –   Minnehaha (her dam Netty Clay could also be the foundation mare) – Mr Muscleman (US)
U3 –   Mambrino Beauty (also known as Nervolo Belle) – Donato Hanover (US)
U4 –   Jessie Pepper – Arch Madness (US)
U5 –   Sally Sovereign (also known as Maggie H.) – Deweycheathumnhowe (US)
U6 –   Mamie – Sebastian K. (SWE)
U7 –   Miss Duvall * – Eternal Camnation (p.) (US)
U8 –   
Lizzie Witherspoon (also known as The American Belle) Gallo Blue Chip (p.) (US)
U9 –   
Midnight (also known as Morning Bells) – Fool’s Goal (US)
U10 –
Jane Hunt (also known as Kathleen) – Burning Point (p.) (US)
U11 –
Esther – Vivid Photo (US)
U12 –
Miss Copeland (also known as Copeland mare) – Gidde Palema (SWE)
U13 – Dolly B * – Red Bow Tie (p.) (US)
U14 –
Ab (also known as Katie Kimble) – Digger Crown (SWE)
U15 – Lady W * – Miss Easy (p.) (US)
U16 –
Nelly (by Mambrino Sterley) (also known as Rosa L) – Moni Maker (US)
U17 –
Abbess (also known as Nannie Etticoat) – Varenne (ITY)
U18 –
Molly J – Santana Blue Chip (p.) (US)
U19 –
Maud by Doctor Herr * – Die Laughing (p.) (US)
U20 –
Fanny Skinner * – Real Desire (p.) (US)

* More or less Pacer lines
(p.) = Pacer

European (French) maternal lines (E):

E1 –   La Jardiniere – Fan Idole (FR)
E2 –   
Avize – Malakite (FR)
E3 –   
L’Anglaise – Holly du Locton (FR)
E4 –   
La Kapirat – Quarry Bay (FR)
E5 –   
Ouvriere – Ursulo de Crouay (FR)
E6 –   
La Pille – Orlando Sport (FR)
E7 –   Plume Au Vent * – Bellino II (FR)
E8 –   
Fa Mi Sol – L’Amiral Mauzun (FR)
E9 –   
Orgueilleuse – Jardy (FR)
E10 –
Tunisie – Grace Ducal (FR)
E11 –
Perse Neige  – Mon Tourbillon (FR)
E12 –
Gloriette – Perlando (FR)
E13 –
Duegne – Up and Quick (FR)
E14 –
Rigolette by Coleraine – Bonheur de Tillard (FR)
E15 –
L’Ardrossane – Idéal du Gazeau (FR)
E16 –
Deception – Nicholas Drossaert (BEL)
E17 –
Queteuse – Kool du Kaux (FR)
E18 –
Jessy by Vichnou – Uno Atout (FR)
E19 –
Herminie – Talicia Bella (FR)
E20 – Pegriote – Potin d’Amour (FR)

* Plume Au Vent is part of the family E41 – Baillette

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