European Trotting Derbys 2019 at a glance

The winners (chronological), their paternal and maternal lines

Italian Derby Winner Alrajah One with Enrico Bellei in the bike.   Photo: Gerard Forni

France (4yr) – Critérium des 4 ans – Paris-Vincennes, May 5 – 2850 Meters – 200.000 EUR
Falcao de Laurma (M) (Winning time: 1:13,2)
Sire: Uniclove (FR/ by Look de Star) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Peter Scott - Sam Williams - Carioca II - Fakir du Vivier - Coktail Jet
Dam: Rangoon (FR/ by Capriccio) – Maternal line: Branche Dor (FR)
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Austria (4yr) – „134. Österreichisches Traber-Derby” – Vienna-Krieau, June 26 – 2600 Meters – 60.000 EUR
Nero Maximus (M) (Winning time: 1:16,6)
Sire: November (DE/ by Buvetier d'Aunou) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown
Dam: JS Maxima (AT/ by Toss Out) – Maternal line: Nell (Hiatoga) (US)
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Nero Maximus, Austrian Derby Winner 2019 with his trainer Conrad Lugauer in the Sulky. His sire November brought the second Austrian Derby Winner after Kaka.

Germany (3yr) – „124. Deutsches Traber-Derby”  Berlin-Mariendorf, August 5 – 1900 Meters – 188.325 EUR
Velten von Flevo (M) (Winning time: 1:13,0)
Sire: Ganymède (FR/ by Buvetier d´Aunou) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown
Dam: Babette Flevo (NL/ by Super Arnie) – Maternal line: Shadow (US)
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Denmark (4yr) – „Dansk Trav Derby” – Copenhagen-Charlottenlund, August 25 – 3000 Meters – 1.210.000 DKK (ca. 160.000 EUR)
Dumbo (M) (Winning time: 1:14,3)
Sire: Wishing Stone (US/ by Conway Hall) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Volomite - Victory Song - Garland Lobell
Dam: Lipstick Jungle (SE/ by Varenne) – Maternal line: Bertie (Signet) (US)
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The Netherlands (3yr) – „Derby J” – Duindigt, August 25 – 2600 Meters – 40.000 EUR
John King Boko (M) (Winning time: 1:16,1)
Sire: Yankee Glide (US/ by Valley Victory) – Paternal line:  Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown - Speedy Somolli - Valley Victory
Dam: JC Josie (US/ by American Native) – Maternal line: Mambrino Beauty (US)
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Finland (4yr) – „Suuri Suomalainen Derby” – Helsinki-Vermo, August 31 – 2600 Meters – 299.000 EUR
Graceful Swamp (G) (Winning time: 1:13,2)
Sire: So Perfect (FR/ by Coktail Jet) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Peter Scott - Sam Williams - Carioca II - Fakir du Vivier - Coktail Jet
Dam: Zora Kemp (FI/ by Majestic Son) 
– Maternal line: Jane Hunt (US)
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France (5yr) – Critérium des 5 ans – Paris-Vincennes, August 31 – 3000 Meters – 200.000 EUR
Eugenito du Noyer (M) (Winning time: 1:12,2)
Sire: Saxo de Vandel (FR/ by Coktail Jet) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Peter Scott - Sam Williams - Carioca II - Fakir du Vivier - Coktail Jet
Dam: Pakarina (FR/ by Full Account) – Maternal line: La Jardiniere (FR)
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Sweden (4yr) – „Svenskt Trav Derby”  Malmö-Jägersro, September 1 – 2640 Meters – 4.000.000 SEK (ca. 388.000 EUR)
Attraversiamo (M) (Winning time: 1:12,6)
Sire: Kiss Francais (FR/ by Reve d´Udon) – Paternal line: Fuschia - Hernani III - Kerjacques
Dam: Rhythm Kronos (IT/ by Viking Kronos) – Maternal line: Minnehaha (US)
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Slovenia (4yr) – „29. Slovenski Kasaski Derby” – Stozice, September 8 – 2600 Meters – 15.000 EUR
Jimpeto Joy (M) (Winning time: 1:18,8)
Sire: Impeto Grif (IT/ by Varenne) – 
Paternal line: Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown
Dam: Joy Love (SI/ by Love You) – Maternal line: Mary (Monmouth Eclipse) (US)
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Norway (4yr) – „VG Norsk Travderby” – Oslo-Bjerke, September 8 – 2600 Meters – 4.185.000 NOK (ca. 440.000 EUR)
Max Brady (M) (Winning time: 1:14,5)
Sire: Cantab Hall (US/ by Self Possessed) – Paternal line: Hambletonian - Scotland - Speedy Crown - Speedy Somolli - Valley Victory
Dam:  Hope Brady (NO/ by Ganymède) – Maternal line:  Minnehaha (US)
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Italy (3yr) – 92. Derby Italiano Del Trotto – Napoli-Agnano, September 22 – 2100 Meters – 847.000 EUR
Alrajah One (M) (Winning time: 1:12,2)
Sire: Maharajah (SE/ by Viking Kronos) – Paternal line: 
Hambletonian - Volomite - Star´s Pride - Super Bowl
Dam: Mariu (IT/ by Varenne) – Maternal line: Mary (Monmouth Eclipse) (US)
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– Two maternal lines brought two winners: Minnehaha (US) and Mary (by Monmouth Eclipse) (US).

– The last year it was the paternal line of Volomite that brought the most of the winners. This year it changed and the result was pretty balanced between Scotland-line, Volomite-line and also a strong French influence.

– Sires: Swedish Hero Maharajah sired last year the Swedish Derby winner Who´s Who, this year the Italian Derby Winner Alrajah One (the Italian Derby is still the one with the highest purse by far). In Austria, November sired his second Derby Winner with Nero Maximus after Kaka in 2011.

Inaccessable Grou, Czech Republic Derby Winner of 2019. The Gelding is born in Germany and was sold to Czech Republic. On this picture you see him winning at Vienna-Krieau racetrack, Austria, with Martin Redl in the bike.

The Price for 2020 for Maharajah ist Booking 5.000 SEK + 80.000 SEK


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