The ”Elitauktion” in Sweden 2020

Maharajah, winning the Prix d´Amérique with Örjan Kihström in 2014. The son of Viking Kronos plays a major role in Sweden´s breeding.
Photo: Gerard Forni

Nothing like before 

What incredible times! Probably every one of our readers is affected by the so-called corona crisis in some way. This also applies to the elite auction on the eve of Sweden's most important trotting event, the Elitloppet. The sale will only take place online this time.
Nevertheless, we try to locate the trends in Swedish harness racing and have looked at the sire lines, maternal lines and also the first crops of the stallions.

The Catalogue

Stallions with the first crop (in Sweden):

Name – Country – Number of offsprings in 2019

Cash And Go (FR)         17
Executive Caviar (SE)    67
Nuncio (US)                  101
Propulsion (US)              62
Village Mystic (FR)           7
Villiam (SE)                     49
What The Hill (CA)          22

Maternal lines:

The 100 yearlings come from 53 different mother lines, 46 of which are from North America and 7 from Europe (in this case, all from France). The following mother lines have the most descendants at this auction:

Name – Country – World Ranking (according to – Number of offsprings

Sally Sovereign (US) U5                    11
Minnehaha (US) U2                             8
Mamie (US) U6                                    5
Copeland Mare (US) U12                    4
Nell (Hiatoga) (US) U23                       4
Nelly (Mambrino Sterley) (US) U16     4
Lizzie Witherspoon (US) U8                 3
Mambrino Beauty (US) U3                   3
Medio (US) U1                                      3
Molly Armstrong (US) U38                    3
Sophronia (US) U31                              3

Finally the Sire lines:

Name – Country – Number of offsprings

Chimes-Line (mainly a Pacer line):
Googoo Gaagaa (US/ by Cam´s Rocket)       2

Orlando Vici (FR/ by Quadrophenio)              3

Sam Williams-Line:
Love You (FR/ by Coktail Jet)                        1
Village Mystic (FR/ by Love You)                   1

Canepa Hanover (US/ by Muscle Hill)           2
Cantab Hall (US/ by Self Possessed)            3
Father Patrick (US/ by Cantab Hall)              2
Muscle Hill (US/ by Muscles Yankee)            2
Muscle Mass (US/ by Muscles Yankee)        1
Pascia’ Lest (IT/ by Varenne)                        1
Propulsion (US/ by Muscle Hill)                     6
Scarlet Knight (US/ by Pine Chip)                 2
Southwind Frank (US/ by Muscle Hill)           1
Trixton (US/ by Muscle Hill)                           4
Villiam (SE/ by Muscle Hill)                            4
What The Hill (CA/ by Muscle Hill)                 1

Andover Hall (US/ by Garland Lobell)           1
Bird Parker (FR/ by Ready Cash)                  1
Bold Eagle (FR/ by Ready Cash)                  1
Brilliantissime (FR/ by Ready Cash)             6
Broadway Hall (US/ by Conway Hall)           1
Carat Williams (FR/ by Prodigious)              1
Cash And Go (FR/ by Ready Cash)             2
Charly du Noyer (FR/ by Ready Cash)         1
Chelsea Boko (SE/ by Chocolatier)              1
Chocolatier (US/ by Credit Winner)              2
Crazed (US/ by Credit Winner)                    1
Django Riff (FR/ by Ready Cash)                3
Donato Hanover (US/ by Andover Hall)       1
El Mago Pellini (SE/ by Chocolatier)            1
Executive Caviar (SE/ by S J´s Caviar)       1
From Above (SE/ by Zoot Suit)                   1
Great Challenger (US/ by Conway Hall)     1
Maharajah (SE/ by Viking Kronos)             11
Nuncio (US/ by Andover Hall)                    10
Raja Mirchi (SE/ by Viking Kronos)              2
Readly Express (SE/ by Ready Cash)         3
Ready Cash (FR/ by Indy De Vive)              2
S J´s Caviar (US/ by S J´s Photo)               2
Uncle Lasse (US/ by Donato Hanover)        1
Zola Boko (SE/ by Goetmals Wood)            1

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