The "Elitauktionen" 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden

94 yearlings for sale before the Elitloppet weekend

Of double interest: Bold Eagle as racehorse and stallion   Foto: Gerard Forni

This years Yearling Auction has some interesting aspects:

– First entry of yearlings by Bold Eagle, the Star of two days later’s Elitloppet 
– First entrys of yearlings by Cracks like Trixton (49 Swedish foals in 2016!), Beer Summit, Bird Parker, Panne de Moteur, Pojke Kronos,
Un Amour d´Haufor, Univers de Pan

Furthermore remarkable:

– Even it was not the first crop of the half pacer Googoo Gaagaa, he’s still of interest (3 yearlings from a crop of 25 Swedish foals in 2016)
– 3 yearlings also by Muscle Hill (from a crop of 62 Swedish foals of 2016)

Of interest:

– Only 2 yearlings of a 2016 crop of 29 foals by Bold Eagle at the auction
– Pojke Kronos had 46 foals in his first crop 2016
– Up And Quick had 42 foals in 2016
   (all numbers for Sweden)

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