Which sire for my mare in 2015?

An offer for the covering season 2015

I offer the following range for the 2015 breeding season:

– Scanning Stallion considering the pedigree, conformation and character of the mare in established forms such as Black Type or Tesio

– Evaluation of the stallion performance with respect to race, Exterior, character, and of course bloodlines

– Assessment of chances between "New Stallion" or "Proven Stallion“

– Preparation of the pedigrees of / the foal(s) in a graphically appealing form

– Statistically relevant information on the successes especially in the maternal line of the sire

– Online links and contact details of the stallion

Price per stallion: 60 US Dollars (+ 20% tax). Of course, you will receive an invoice by www.breedingtrotters.com for this service. In the enclosed PDF, you can make all the details of your mare and simply send an email to info@breedingtrotters.com

I would like to mention that the service offered is inflationary reasonable compared to some of the highly valued by us colleague Anne Peters, who receives for her pedigree analyses per mare $ 400, per stallion $ 750 (see here).

Finally, I will still like to refer to our story Inbreeding or not at www.breedingtrotters.com, which attracted a lot of interest internationally and our American reader Kathleen Kirsan, even specialist and author (her website), sent us a very nice mail:

This is an excellent study and very important for the industry and very well done. I have found inbreeding frightens most people, but successful breeders all use it, along with strong linebreeding it is the only way to set type. I have written many articles on this myself, and even in sport horse breeding, Which is Usually the result of two or more breeds mixed, it is always best to use worth individuals who are 'strongly inbred or linebred in the superior Representatives of the traits you desire , So full and 3/4 siblings are more powerful than 1/2 siblings, and to have a female as well as male representative has been found statistically to Provide Better horses. These are principles of what we call Tesio Methods - my website expounds on this as do my books, so you are speaking my language here, and I am so glad you are giving the breeder a clear and truthful example.

Glad to work with you together!
Nikolaus Matzka

Acount for Pedigree: 

Details of the mare

Details of the mare

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